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We are Vicki, a studied tourism manager, and her husband Eduardo, your travel companions through Spain, the world, and our hometown Barcelona.
We share our personal travel experiences and offer valuable money-saving tips for unforgettable travel adventures.
Vamos, let’s discover the world together!

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Itineraries around the World

Discover the most beautiful sights from around the world with us. We’ll give you practical tips and directions along the way.
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Guides & Hidden Gems in Barcelona & Spain

Explore our homeland with us. Let’s visit the most beautiful places in Spain and hidden gems off the beaten path.
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Budget Tips & Travel Cost

More travel for less? We share our costs and expenses down to the penny and give you practical tips so that you, too, can travel even with a tight budget.

Moving to Spain

Do you want to make Spain your new home? I share guides, tips, and everything you need for your move and successfully living in Spain.
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Practical Travel Tips

Whether you are a travel newbie or a pro, here are practical travel tips on packing, travel booking, eco-friendly travel, and much more.
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Travel Quotes & Sayings

The most beautiful travel quotes and inspiring words from all over the world with English translation.
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About the AuthorVicki

Hi, we are Vicki & Eduardo, an international travel couple on a mission to help you save money for priceless travel experience. Follow us through the miracles of this world and you will be rewarded with a bunch of practical travel tips

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