The Ultimate Guide to the best Anti Theft Backpacks 2020

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Imagine, you walk around enthusiastically at your travel destination and it has already happened without you noticing: cell phone, money, passport, important documents, laptop, tablet or what else you have been carrying around, have disappeared from your backpack within just a few seconds. When the owner notices the loss, the pickpockets are usually already gone. Nowadays, you can’t be careful enough. Even my adopted home Barcelona is referred to by some as the home of pickpockets. New cases are reported daily. Unfortunately, in other tourist destinations, it doesn’t look much different.

But what is the best way to protect yourself from pickpockets? An amazing solution is a theft-proof backpack. Whether for traveling or going to work, the best anti-theft backpack will protect you and your valuables reliably.

Below, we have examined the best anti-theft travel backpacks for you and show you what you should consider before buying your pickpocket-proof backpack.

What you will not find in this post

This post is exclusively about theft-proof backpacks. Is your backpack theft-proof and you are looking for a simple daypack? Then you will find our Guide to the best daypacks interesting.

What exactly is a theft-proof backpack?

Before we dive into more details and backpack models, let’s first answer the most important question: What exactly is such a protected backpack?

In general, you can distinguish between a backpack with theft protection and a so-called Anti Theft Backpack.

The backpack with theft protection is a normal (day) backpack, which is easily protected from thieves with safety gadgets for backpack protection, such as a combination lock or a portable safe.

The Anti Theft Backpack, on the other hand, is protected against theft. In the following, we want to talk about exactly these safe backpacks and also find the perfect model for you.

What are the differences between the models?

One thing that all models have in common is that they protect you from theft and pickpockets. However, the different models on the market also differ from each other. Not only is there a price difference, but also the size, shape, and color may vary between the different models and brands. Later, we will have a look at the best models of 2020.

What should you consider before buying your Theft proof backpack?

In addition to size, shape and favorite color, especially the security gadgets are important.

RFID block

With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), your data (identity card, credit cards, etc.) can be easily read within seconds. If you use a backpack with an RFID blocking material, you can avoid the unwanted reading of your data. Whether such a thing is necessary, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Slash Proof Material

Some of the backpacks presented below offer a material that protects against the slashing and stealing of your valuables in that way. If you are traveling in areas where this theft is common practice, you should better get a slash-proof backpack.


While some backpacks have lockable zippers or inside to protect against unwanted external influences. Check in advance what kind of zippers your backpack of choice has and whether those are practical for you.

Some backpacks need additionally purchased (combination) locks for closing the zippers.

The best Anti Theft Backpack – The most popular models in comparison

BackpackSizeSpace for Laptops up to... inchesScorePrice
Pacsafe Metrosafe
25 Liter15,64,5 / 5Check Price
XD Design Bobby
13 Liter15,64,2 / 5Check Price
Travelon Anti Theft Backpack
16 Liter15,64,4 / 5Check Price
Kopack Anti Theft Backpack
30 Liter174,5 / 5Check Price
Eagle Creek Universal Traveler
35 Liter174,2 / 5Check Price
Pacsafe Vibe
25 Liter134,5 / 5Check Price
oscaurt Anti Theft Backpack
25 Liter15,64,5 / 5Check Price

Best Anti Theft Backpacks

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 – Our Favorite

The Pacsafe Metrosafe is considered the most popular anti-theft backpack currently available on the market. It is available in 4 different colors and equipped with various security features.

Pro: Large volume, many security features

Cons: Despite the large volume, it does not fit a large laptop

Size: 30 x 17 x 48 cm

Weight: 840 g

Suitable for a laptop up to: 15,6 Inches

Material: Nylon, Polyester

Security features: RFID blocking pockets and material, Lockabout Security Clip (zippered security clip), PopNLock (Detachable closure to secure bag securely to a fixed object)

Slash proof Backpack: Protected by eXomesh Slashguard: Double straps reinforced with stainless steel wire

Click here for more information and prices

XD Design Bobby Anti Theft Backpack

The XD Design Bobby backpack is probably the most famous one on this list. Recently, after videos of this backpack on Facebook, Youtube, and Co. it has been on everyone’s lips.
Pro: With its water-repellent material, it not only protects your belongings from theft. Reflective safety stripes also ensure greater safety on the road.
Cons: No outer pockets.

Size: 34 x 20 x 42 cm

Weight: 454 g

Suitable for a laptop up to: 15,6 Inches

Material: Polyester

Security features: hidden zippers, integrated USB charging port

Slash proof Backpack: slash proof material

Click here for more information and prices

Travelon Anti Theft Backpack

The Travelon Backpack focuses on quality. Before only available in black, it is now available in 4 different colors.

Pro: The backpack comes with many different security features.

Cons: May look a bit bulky

Size: 30,5 x 49,5 x 14 cm

Weight: 998 g

Suitable for a laptop up to: 15,6 Inches

Material: Synthetic, Nylon

Security features: Lockable pockets, lockdown straps, RFID blocking pockets, straps and material with steel wire to prevent tearing, locks

Slash proof Backpack: Yes, slash proof due to steel wire

Click here for more information and prices

Kopack Anti Theft Backpack

The Kopack backpack is a real all-rounder. He convinces with a low price and many compartments and features.

Pro: Many compartments and a lot of space. There’s room for a larger laptop (17 inches), depending on the model. Integrated charging cable
Cons: Water permeable after some time in the rain. (But comes with rain cover). Zippers can only be closed with an extra lock.

Size: 48 x 36 x 14 cm

Weight: 898 g

Suitable for a laptop up to: Depending on the modeel 15,6 or 17 Inches

Material: Anti-scratch nylon

Security features: hidden zippers, integrated charging cable (charging devices without opening the backpack), no pockets or zippers on the front

Slash proof Backpack: No

Click here for more information and prices

Eagle Creek Universal Traveler

The Eagle Creek Universal Traveler Backpack is the largest backpack on our list. It stands quality and its brand value.

Pro: It offers plenty of space and comes with many security features.

Cons: For some too big

Size: 34 x 23 x 52 cm

Weight: 800 g

Suitable for a laptop up to: 17 Inches

Material: Polyester

Security features: Lockable zippers with secure zip-toggle closure, main compartment with central locking point, RFID blocker pocket for ID card protection, chest strap buckle with integrated security whistle

Slash proof Backpack: No

Click here for more information and prices

Pacsafe Vibe

The Pacsafe Vibe is another popular model from the Pacsafe family. It comes in many different colors.

Pro: Available in many colors. Many security features

Cons: Only little space for a laptop. Partitioning could be optimized

Size: 28 x 19 x 48 cm

Weight: 966 g

Suitable for a laptop up to: 13 Inches

Material: Nylon

Security features: RFID blocking pockets and material, Roobar Sport Locking System that protects the backpack from being opened unnoticed, PopNLock (Detachable closure to securely fasten a bag to a fixed object)

Slash proof Backpack:  Protected by eXomesh Slashguard: Double straps reinforced with stainless steel wire

Click here for more information and prices

Oscaurt Anti Theft Rucksack

The Ubaymax, which could be easily confused with the XD Design Bobby backpacks, convinces above all by its low price.

Pro: Costs much less than most other models and comes with various security features

Cons: Qualitatively not quite as high quality as the XD Design Bobby

Size: 11.02 x 4.92 x 16.93 inches

Weight: 2.3 pounds

Suitable for a laptop up to15,6 Inches

Material: Polyester

Security features: Anti-theft double zipper, integrated charging cable

Slash proof Backpack: No

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  1. It’s great that you mention here that backpack with theft protection is a normal backpack that has a lock combination or a portable safe. I am currently in the hunt for a 16″ friendly backpack to which I can put my newly bought laptop. My boyfriend and I are traveling across Asia by next month and I want to be sure that my belongings will have a proper storage and remain handy. At the same time, I want to make it safe from thieves. Hopefully, I can find a nice shop that sells this kind of backpack.


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