Microfiber Towels – Guide to finding the best travel towel 2019

Who doesn’t know this situation from traveling – you want to wrap up your towel when it’s time for your check-out, but it is still wet from the last shower. In addition, the towel is big, heavy and just takes up too much space in your backpack or suitcase. You just wish I could find better and more compact towels for traveling.

That’s how I felt on all of my first trips. But always relying on the property to provide a towel is not always a great option either. And sometimes even if they do provide a towel, you really don’t want to use it. So what do you do? The best solution is to buy a travel towel. They are available in different colors, shapes, and variations, but our clear favorites are microfiber towels. If you are looking for thin towels for traveling, this is the one to go with.

Since I first brought such a quick-dry travel towel with me on a trip, I can’t travel without it anymore.

In this post, you can read about what exactly defines this magical microfiber lightweight travel towel and why it is the ideal companion for your trip. Of course, we also present the most popular models with their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can find the best travel towel for your next trip.

What exactly is a microfiber travel towel?

Microfibres or microfibers are basically just very fine fibers. (If you want to know more about the composition, Wikipedia might be able to help you better with that)

What matters to you as a traveler is that these types of lightweight towels weigh much less than traditional towels. But not only the weight makes a huge difference, but also the size and foldability differ between a microfiber fast drying towels for travel and other towels. It only takes up very little space in your luggage and is, therefore, a great travel gadget.

But not only the size and weight of these travel towels are very different from your normal towel at home: this towel is also super fast drying. While your bath towel will probably soak up water at home when you use it after your shower and stays wet for hours, the microfiber towel simply dries much faster.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of this microfiber travel quick dry towels.

Benefits Microfiber towel

  • Small foldable
  • Fast drying
  • Low weight
  • antibacterial
  • Easy to care for
  • doesn’t lint
  • Less dirt (such as dust or sand) gets stuck in it

Cons microfiber towel

  • Less absorbent than terry towels
  • Touch is not as soft
  • Can’tbe washed too hot
  • Can’t be dried in a dryer

Microfiber towels are everywhere

While microfibre towels used to be known mostly from cleaning rags, today they are popular in many fields.

The biggest area of use is arguably for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts, such as campers, as the towel takes up little space and weighs less than traditional towels.

But also in the world of sport, the versatile towel has already arrived. It takes up little space in your sports bag and dries quickly. Many also use it for yoga.

Also for a beach visit: the microfiber towel probably the best travel beach towel. Due to its fine texture, the sand does not stick to the towel, leaving the sand where it belongs and not in your bag.

Another great advantage of this towel is super useful for all ladies with natural curls, as it is gentle on the hair and curls don’t get messed up when drying.

The best travel towels – Overview

Travel TowelSizeMaterialReviewPrice
Fit-Flip Sporth Towel
Available in all standard sizesPolyester, Polyamide4,9 / 5Check Price
Rainleaf Travel Towel
24" x 48"; 30" x 50"; 34" x 60"Polyester, Polyamide4,7 / 5Check Price
Wolfyok Microfiber Towel
XL: 58" x 30"; 24" x 16"Microfiber4,5 / 5Check Price
Active Roots Travel Microfiber Towel
Medium, XL and Combo (not further specified)Microfiber4,5 / 5Check Price
Cocoon Ultra Light
XS: 7.5" x 7,5"; 12" x 12"; S: 24" x 12"; M: 35" x 20"; L: 47" x 24"; XL: 59" x 31"Polyester, Nylon4,0 / 5 Check Price
Nabaiji Travel Towel
Several sizes availablePolyester, Polyamid4,5 / 5Check Price

The best towels for traveling

Fit-Flip Sport Towel

Paraboo’s Fit-Flip sports towel is one of the most popular microfiber and travel towels on the market today. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes so that everyone definitely can find the size and color they’ve been looking for.

It is not only suitable for sports but with its feather-light weight, it is the perfect companion for every journey.

Pro: The towel is very gentle to the skin and comes with a push-button loop for easy hanging

Cons: The red towel turns off sharply on the first wash

Available Colors: 12

Size: All standard sizes available

Material: Polyester, Polyamide

Weight: 35 – 405 g

Check further information and prices

Rainleaf Travel and Sport Towel

The Rainleaf towel is considered to be extra soft and comfortable on the skin. Despite the higher softness factor, the super lightweight and the absorbency of this towel stay the same.

The towel comes with a handy carrier bag.

Pro: soft to the skin, comes with a loop

Contra: Zipper from the carrier bag breaks really easily

Available Colors: blue, gray, and dark green

Size: 24″ x 48″; 30″ x 50″; 34″ x 60″

Material: Polyester, Polyamide

Weight: Depending on the size

Check further information and prices

Wolfyok Microfiber Towel Set

The Wolfyok Microfiber Towel comes in a practical set of a small and a large towel. One is big enough to use as a shower or swimming towel, the other one is quite small and therefore best used as a towel for your face or hands. Both towels can be folded really small.

Pro: Sets includes a big towel and a small hand towel, hanging loop, and bag

Cons: Can leave lint when using it, even after being washed several times

Available Colors: Blue, gray, and rasperry pink

Size: XL: 58″ x 30″; 24″ x 16″

Material: Microfiber

Weight: XL: 8oz

Check further information and prices

Active Roots Microfiber Travel Towel

The Active Roots Microfiber Travel Towel is not only helping you to find a travel towel but also helps you to do something good. It convinces with good quality and a lifetime guarantee. With every purchase, they donate money to the Elephant Sanctuary in Laos.

Pro: Snap loops, comes with a stylish bag, donates money

Contra: Only two colors available

Available Colors: Blue and Gray

Size: Medium, XL and Combo (not further specified)

Material: Microfiber

Weight: Depending on the size

Check further information and prices

Cocoon Ultralight

The Cocoon Towel is considered one of the best known in terms of microfiber and travel towels. This is probably particularly due to its popular brand, which also produces sleeping bags.This towel attaches great importance to absorbency: It can absorb 4 times its own weight.

Pro: suspension loop, quick release, can absorb a lot of water

Contra: might take a little longer to absorb water, takes longer to dry than others

Available Colors: 6 different colors

Size: XS: 7.5″ x 7,5″; 12″ x 12″; S: 24″ x 12″; M: 35″ x 20″; L: 47″ x 24″; XL: 59″ x 31″

Material: Polyester, Nylon

Weight: 0.3 oz – 12.7 oz

Check further information and prices

Nabaiji Travel towel

The Nabaiji brand, which is known from the French sports chain Decathlon, also has various Nabaiji microfiber towels on the market. In addition to the normal towels, they are available in extra soft and with print.

We use this towel ourselves and are still satisfied with it after several years.

Pro: Various prints, colors, and sizes available, also available in extra soft

Contra: Colors may be a little bit different than shown in the photo, Ultrasoft towels can lose fluffiness when washed several times.

Available Colors: Different colors and prints

Size: Several sizes available

Material: Polyester, Polyamide

Weight: Depending on the size

Check further information and prices

How to wash your microfiber towel properly

As you’ve probably already noticed, the way to wash your microfiber towel is a bit different from a traditional terry towel. First of all, you should, of course, pay attention to the washing information of each towel, in case there are any exceptions to the general rules of thumb.

The first wash

Many of the towels are losing color the first time you wash them. Especially for the ones with strong colors should be washed separately for the first time to avoid the color to dye the rest of your laundry (I assume here that you are not really keen on wearing all your white shirts from now on in pink). Later, you should wash the towels with similar colors, because especially at the beginning color can come out of the towels even after having washed them several times.


While you can wash traditional towels easily at 60°C, you should definitely avoid this with microfibers. The towels should be washed at not more than 30°C – 40°C. Again, the best is to read the washing information given with your towel.


No! Be sure to keep your microfiber towels away from fabric softener. It can destroy its thin fibers.

Use the Dryer?

You should try to avoid drying your microfiber towel in a dryer. But don’t worry, the towels are fast drying even without a dryer.


Such a microfiber towel is not only the ideal companion for your next trip, but also for the gym, yoga or for camping. With its lightweight and its super small size, this fast-drying towel is simply amazing.

Although the softness and the feeling of getting dry are not comparable to a traditional towel, the microfiber towel is the perfect travel gadget. (Of course, at home, you can stick to your terry and cotton towels.)

What do you think about microfiber towels? Are there any other advantages or disadvantages? Or are you even using another kind of towel for traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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