Day trip to Kamakura and Zushi

During a stay in Tokyo a trip to Kamakura is definitely recommended.
Besides the famous Big Buddha there is a lot more to see. Kamakurais full of temple and hiking trails.

Better make sure to get yourself a map before as some of temples are not easy to find.

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Afterwards you can go to the beach of Zushi. Fireworks are taking place here every weekend during summer.

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What is there to see in Kamakura?

A lot. Actually, for us even too much to see in one day. (To be fair we haven’t really been there early though) But anyway it was definitely worth it.

tempel kamakura vicki viajaYou can reach Kamakura the easiest by metro taking Yokoduka line.

In Kamakura you can either move around by bus or by feet. We decided to walk. As on the on hand it is cheaper. On the other hand we were able to see more of Kamkura than just the temples itself.

The Big Buddha

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Obviously we really wanted to see the big Buddha, the probably most famous sightseeing spot in town. From the main station you walk there around 20-30 minutes. The temple Kotoku-in itself, in which the big Buddha statue is located, is not that special comparing to the other temples around.
Anyway, the big Buddha statue is really worth seeing. Especially with the trees and mountains in the background it forms a lovely picture.

The only drawback is the high amount of tourists who walk around on the square of the 13.4 meter high statue.

Hiking Trail

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If you walk more upwards from the Big Buddha you will find a hiking trail. It is quite and you can enjoy the nature without meeting many people. During your stay in Tokyo is worth its wait in gold if you can enjoy such a silence in this piece of nature. Anyway, you should consider wearing a suitable pair of shoes when hiking there. Especially when it is such a rainy dayas we had during our stay in Kanazawa. The hiking trails was muddy and slippery all the way. Luckily, we didn’t chose our flipflops in the morning. 🙂

Hokokuji Bamboo garden

Another sughtseeing spot that I really wanted to see in Kamakura was the Bamboo Garden in the Hokokuji Temple.
After we walked the whole way up to there, we had to realize that all the attractions in the area were already closed since 16 o clock. (It was 16.30 by now.
So our little advice: better come early in order to be able to see everything that you want to see.

Temples and more temples

kamakura tempel vicki viaja

One thing you can say for sure about Kamakura. There is really no lack of temples. You will find them on every corner.
Before you can mark on your map everything you want to see. Or just wander around and see what there is. I guess you won’t get disappointed any of those ways.

Black sand and view on Mount Fuji

Before we got the advice to go to the beach of Kamakura in order to see its black sand. Anyway, the weather was just too bad for visiting the beach.

Moreover, we got denied as well the glance at Mount Fuji due to the bad weather.
So better chose a sunnier day for your trip to Kamakura.

Firework on the Zushi beach

feuerwerk zushi vicki viaja

Zushi is just one station away from Kamakura. That’s why you can combine your trip tp the both towns just perfectly. Every summer weekend you will find a firework at the beach of Zushi. They told us Japanese just love such fireworks.

We were really lucky that friends of our host Yuki have already reserved some space for all of us during the afternoon by placing a blanket. As it got really full. Thus, it was the first firework of the new summer season.

The firework startet right on time (typical in Japan) und took around half an hour. There were boats on the water which helped to present an awesome show. Moreover, there was even music. I can just highly recommend everyone to see such a firework show if you have the chance.

Unfortunately we had to wait around one hour afterwards until the Metro was not too crowded anymore. But we got to know a lot of new people on the beach. Which also made our way back much more entertaining.

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Day trip to Kamakura and Zushi
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