Day Trip to Shirakawago

Shirakawago is a small village around 75 km away from Kanazawa. When walking through the streets of Shirakawago you might think you’ve been in Scandinavia though.

shirakawago vicki viaja

The village itself is quite and tranquil and there is lots of green to see. Most of the people you might find around the streets of Shirakawago are tourists theirselves.

shirakawago vicki viaja

During our trip to Shirakawago we didn’t got quite lucky with the weather actually. We had to walk through the pouring rain which was mixed with wtrong winds. Lovely! In between there were some moments of sun in which we were able to find some warmth.

regen shirakawago vicki viaja

I can just highly recommend everyone to walk up to the observatory. It is totally worth is as you have an amazing view over the village. Even when the weather sucks 🙂

shirakawago ausblick vicki viaja

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