Gifts for Someone Moving to Spain – 16 creative gift ideas

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A loved one, colleague, family member, or acquaintance wants to move to Spain? You would like to surprise this person with a gift, but you don’t know precisely what would be the best gifts for someone moving to Spain?

Don’t worry, here I have gathered 16 creative gift ideas for someone going to Spain. So, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

I myself moved abroad to Spain a few years ago, so I want to show you how you can surprise an emigrating person with a special gift. So let’s dive right into the world of perfect Spain farewell gifts.

16 great gifts for someone moving to Spain

great gifts for someone moving to spain, good luck gifts

In the following section, you will find 16 great ideas for gifts for someone going to Spain. But if you’re short on time, here’s our favorite of the list – simply the most practical gift in my eyes.

No time? Quick Tip: Our favorite Gift for someone going to Spain

Well, sure, you’re probably thinking right now, she recommends her own book, what a surprise. But I have to be honest, I put so much time into this Spain Expat Guide to fill this book to the brim with all the valuable information needed to move to Spain successfully.

For me, this guide is a simply great gift. Because with this book, you are giving a loved one the gift of time in their new home that doesn’t have to be spent researching tedious info and unnecessary red tape.

But I understand if you’re unsure. Just take a look at the reviews my book has received on Amazon. You’ll probably quickly realize why mine has been the bestseller in its category for many weeks.

Check the Successfully Moving to Spain Guide on Amazon now

A Spanish course

Hola, sign, writing, learning spanish

A Spanish course is a great way to give a practical gift to a future expat. This gift is especially suitable for those who are not yet fluent in Spanish.

However, if the main reason for leaving for Spain is to take a Spanish course in the country, a different gift may be a better fit after all.

Otherwise, an online course offers a practical way to help them acclimate to Spain and become more familiar with the local language.

A great option is the Hotel Borbollón Spanish course from Gymglish. This course teaches and refreshes the most essential Spanish skills in just a few minutes every day. The system is adapted to the language skills of the learner.

Try Hotel Borbollón for free or gift it to a friend

Good Luck Charms for Moving abroad

A popular parting gift for emigrants is a lucky charm. They show the loved one that you wish them all the luck in the world for their new start in Spain.

Especially popular are lucky charms in the form of key chains. After all, the key usually goes everywhere with you. And so the luck of the lucky charm is also carried around.

There is a vast selection of key chains that bring good luck. From clover leaves to guardian angels to completely different creative shapes, colors, and sizes.

Check Good Luck Charm Key Chain at Amazon

Candies from your country

If I had to name one thing I have missed about my country since I left, German sweets are definitely at the top of my list.

My mouth waters just thinking about Haribos and German chocolates… Granted, here in Spain, there are also plenty of delicious Spanish sweets, but somehow the treats from home are still missing., somehow. I am sure any expat might tell you the same about the candies of their home country.

A perfect option when homesickness overcomes one in the first days after arriving in Spain is a mixture of delicious sweets from your home country as a farewell gift.

Check Candy Set at Amazon

A personalized photo album

I totally love personalized gifts, especially when they include photos of happy moments with good friends.

Make the person moving abroad happy and create your own photo album. This can include photos of you together or of the expat themselves.

Online there are plenty of tools that allow you to create an album and have it printed and delivered directly to your home.

Another option is to glue photos into a blank photo album yourself (e.g., this one from Amazon). It becomes even more beautiful when you add more memories or handwritten notes.

A personalized photo product

Maybe you don’t have enough photos (or time?) to fill an entire album with pictures, but you still want to create a personalized gift for your loved ones?

Don’t worry because there’s a vast selection of personalized photo products you can easily create online in minutes using just one photo.

It’s very simple: Decide on a product, e.g., a photo puzzle, a printed mug, a T-shirt, pillow, or mouse pad, upload your photo, and you’re ready to go.

There are plenty of options on Amazon, too. I sent my best friend such a personalized key chain last year, for example. And she definitely loved it.

Check personalized key chains at Amazon

Successfully Moving to Spain Guide

I think practical gifts are always a great idea – ones that are used and don’t just end up gathering dust in the corner. With my book Successfully Moving to Spain, you can offer emigrants real added value.

Because in the book, I describe the emigration process in detail, sprinkled with a bit of humor. The reader learns step-by-step how to de-register in their country and re-register in Spain, get settled in optimally, and make new connections in Spain in no time.

Check Successfully Moving to Spain on Amazon

Small bag with gifts

Maybe instead of a big gift, you would instead give a few small tokens of appreciation. In this case, a small travel-style bag is just the thing. Those can be cute tote bags, make-up bags, or similar.

Fill the bag with small photos, sweets, travel accessories, or other small items.

This way, the person gifted can enjoy each of the small items separately every time they get homesick. There are several options. My favorites are this cute “The Adventures begins” make-up bag from Amazon or this homesick tote bag.

Check Homesick Bag at Amazon

Spanish Dictionary

Those who move to Spain will definitely come into contact with the Spanish language sooner or later. A small Spanish dictionary could be convenient.

Especially for emigrants who want to retire in Spain, dictionaries are always welcome.

Small grammar aids, such as the Spanish for Dummies book, can also be practical, teaching simple grammar rules and useful phrases. This makes learning Spanish so much easier.

Check this Spanish dictionary at Amazon

Wooden Heart – Lucky Charm

The heart symbol has stood for love for other people for ages. The material wood, on the other hand, is often associated with luck (“knock on wood“). What a great idea it would be to combine these two as a good luck charm.

We love this wooden heart from Amazon. With its classy design, it can be used as a good luck charm as well as an encourager. And let’s face it, a dose of courage is definitely not wrong when moving to Spain.

Check the wooden Heart at Amazon

A Bracelet with a message

Bracelets can also be a wonderful farewell gift. They can always be worn, so their loved ones at home are always somehow on their mind.

We love these cute “You will be missed” bracelets from Amazon. If you’re looking for a gift for a good (female) friend, maybe this bracelet is a fun idea.

Check You will be missed bracelet at Amazon

Typical American Food

Probably everyone misses the typical dishes from their home country after moving abroad. Seriously, every time I visit home, I eat my weight in regional food.

So, how about a delicious food set with specialties from your region? With such delicious delicacies, you can quickly find new friends after arriving in Spain or feel better when getting homesick.

Gift sets with delicious snacks are easy to put together yourself, or you can find them locally, for example, at the tourist information office in your city. One idea would be, for example, Mac and Cheese for the microwave.

Travel Friendship Necklace

This stylish compass necklace comes with a very heartwarming text about going places. It’s an excellent option for girls moving abroad.

We love the idea of gifting something the person is actually going to use. And let’s be honest, these necklaces are so cute, they will definitely going to wear them.

Another fantastic idea is this personalized necklace with different maps you can choose upon ordering (how about using Spain and your home state?).

Of course, you can also choose different designs, forms, or symbols (maybe, there is even a symbol you connect to the person moving to Spain?).

Check Personalized Necklace on Amazon

Cookbook for typical dishes of your country

As mentioned, food is one of the most missed things among expats. And to avoid sending food parcels to Spain all the time, a cookbook for typical dishes of your country is a brilliant gift idea.

Just ask Grandma for her family recipe book and make some copies. Otherwise, you can definitely find some good options at your local bookstore or on Amazon.

How about this “Taste of Home Cookbook” from Amazon with 201 typical American recipes?

Check Taste of Home Cookbook at Amazon

Bamboo Cutting board of your state or country

Is the person moving abroad someone who enjoys cooking? This does not necessarily have to change when in Spain. How about a breakfast board on which to prepare breakfast every morning? (Of course, it also works great with a typical Spanish breakfast).

There are various options: from simple boards to those with engraved designs. We totally love these bamboo boards from Amazon, each engraved with an American state (available for almost all US states).

With such a great reminder at every meal, we guarantee they won’t forget their homeland.

Check the breakfast board now at Amazon

Funny Moving-Abroad-Candle

Since every move abroad is unfortunately also accompanied by homesickness and a few dark moments (I speak from experience), a candle makes a perfect gift. It can bring some light into the darkness in such hours.

Of course, it’s even better when this kind of candle comes with a funny phrase that can put a smile on your face.

We love this candle from Amazon for friends who are moving away and this one for work colleagues who are emigrating to Spain.

A Customized photo calendar

I have already mentioned personalized photo products several times. But here’s another idea, simply because I find personalized gifts simply best.

How about a self-made photo calendar? That way, the person leaving can see a new photo or collage of you every month and indulge in memories.

To what extent you want to customize the calendar is entirely up to you: just glue in photos, add handwritten notes, and stick on other memories, stickers, or quotes – there are no limits to your creativity.

Check the customizable photo calender at Amazon

Saying goodbye before leaving for Spain

Airport departure, woman with rolling suitcase at airport, saying goodbye to emigrants

Saying goodbye to a loved one who will live far away from now on is never easy. When I moved to Spain, I also had to say goodbye to my loved ones, whom I have been able to see far too little ever since.

By far, the best gift you can give a future expat is time. Enjoy some time together, have a farewell party, take some photos together, and remember the time you spent together before departure.

Finding the right words

Saying goodbye is never easy, and finding the right words is even less so. I recommend that you prepare some suitable words before the farewell. That way, when the time comes to say goodbye, your head won’t suddenly go blank.

Perhaps even write a card or a letter to the person. So, the person leaving can read this card repeatedly when homesickness overcomes them.


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