My hotel internship in Beijing, China

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A Hotel internship abroad is the perfect way to get to know a foreign country without spending much money, or even get paid for doing so. In this post I want to give you a quick overview about my internship in Beijing.

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About my Hotel internship in Beijing

Duration: one month

Found: by an agency

Costs: ca. 800€ (agency + accommodation, without flight)

Compensation: breakfast + lunch

Be sure to also check the costs of living in Beijing before you go.


After I got the confirmation of my scholarship for my Summer School in Taiwan, I decided I wanted to stay in China as well before going to Taiwan as I was “already around the corner”. To have less traveling costs (everyone knows that students usually don´t have any money) I made up my mind about completing an internship there rather than just traveling around.

Because my finals were about to come and I´ve heard that there are often difficulties in receiving the visa for internships in China I decided to get help by an agency to find a suitable internship abroad.

But it turned out to be less easy than I’ve thought. Many agency didn´t offer internships with a duration of just one month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t extent my time there as the Summer School I would be joining already started the month after.

Eventually, one agency offered me their help. They found an internship for me really fast indeed but it didn’t provide any salary, nor accommodation.

Nevertheless, the agency gave me a discount over the approximate accommodation costs and even helped me booking a hostel which was directly next to my hostel.

In general, I consider the support and help I got in the phase before my departure as really positive.

It was the first time for me going abroad on my own, so I had a lot of questions and they answered all of them in a detailed way. Even when I had problems with my visa they helped me and reassured me that everything would be working out in the end – and it did.

They contacted me per email and skype and checked on how everything went concerning my trip to China.

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During my internship in Beijing

In Beijing I got picked up from the airport by one employee that I have been in touch with before and I accompanied me and another intern by taxi to our workplaces.

In the hotel that I was supposed to work in he introduced me to my new colleagues and showed me around. He went with me buying a sim card and changing money and introduced me to another German speaking intern that was staying near my place as well.

Later that night they invited me and other interns to join them and their friends to a Chinese restaurant and went with us having some drinks afterwards.

This way it was really easy getting to know people and not being on my own from the first day in a country with such a different culture than mine.

internship beijing china

The internship itself was kinda relaxed. As I didn’t got a salary for my work and just stayed for one month I didn’t had many tasks to fulfill.

My main task actually was the communication with foreign guests. (Unfortunately, the majority of guests didn’t speak English)

Anyway, most of my time I was spending on learning Chinese (one of the main reasons why I chose China as my destination). With the wife of my boss being a Chinese teacher I was in best hands. She helped me when I had questions and brought me books to learn from.

All of the staff was nice and helpful.

Other interns that stayed longer than me told me on the other hand that they had more professional internships that also offered compensation for their work. (Thus, it was just because I just stayed for such a short time).

Anyway, I had an amazing time and the guys from the agency were always reachable, when I needed help and even went out with me and other interns some times for dinner or drinks. I definitely don’t regret it.

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