Otres Beach 2 – Destination Guide and our Misadventures in Cambodia

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Sihanoukville is probably the most popular beach destination in Cambodia. It is famous for its parties and atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday you might prefer Otres Beach. Officially, Otres Beach still belongs to Sihanoukville. But besides the distance of around 7 km to Otres Beach 2, those destinations are just worlds apart. Otres Beach is divided into two parts: Otres Beach 1 & 2. Otres Beach 2 is known to be the quietest of them all. This is the reason why we chose this one to become our destination. 

Facts about Sihanoukville

  • Fast growing tourism destination
  • Named after the former king Norodom Sihanouk
  • Most popular beach destination in Cambodia


November – March

Raining Season

May – October

Otres Beach 2 during raining season

otres beach during raining season cambodia  Even during raining season a visit in Otres Beach can be completely worth it. We enjoyed a lot of sunny weather during our stay. The rule of thumb for this area is five sunny days are followed by five days of rain. During raining season you will find that most accommodations around will be (much) cheaper than during high season. However, obviously traveling during raining season brings also many drawbacks.First of all…Rain… (I know that was quite surprising)Furthermore, you will find a huge ton of construction sides during raining season, as it simply bothers less people than it would in high season.On the one hand there will be noice of the constructions. But on the other hand there is an aspect which is even more bothering.During our stay they did some constructions on the streets. Because of that they had to switch off the water connection all the time. One time we couldn’t really use the water for about 20 hours. Just after two days our accommodation decided to bring a container with fresh water that were connected to the pipes to ensure tap water for the guests.Before we had the chance to take a shower, but had to check every 20 minutes or so whether the water is working again and taking the risk that it stops working again before you were able to wash out the shampoo out of your hair. No risk no fun, guys. (By the way, I made it. But right after the last drop of shampoo ran out of my hair, the water stopped working and I had to brush my teeth with bottled water.)

Where to stay?

where to stay in Otres Beach vickiviaja

 If you are traveling with a small budget like us, you might enjoy the Keara 2 Guesthouse. (check prices and availability hereThe comfort you can find there is not exactly the highest. But the price is really good. The place was clean. And there is nothing we can really complain about. We even had a hammock in front of our door. For a double room with private bathroom we paid less than $10 during the raining season.But of course, you can find a big variety of accommodations around.

Where to eat?

food otres beach vickiviaja It didn’t take long until we’ve found our favorite restaurant in town. Khmer Kitchen. It isn’t only one of the cheapest restaurants around but it  as well offered the best food we tried during our 5-day stay in Otres Beach 2. Besides us there were even other guest having every meal in this restaurant. The food was just so delicious. You could get anything. From Khmer to Thai up to Western Food. And we can especially recommend the fresh coconuts which we ordered with every meal. (I guess this is one of the things I will miss the most when going back home)Moreover the staff was just really nice. Especially the waiter.

What to do?

otres beach cambodia vickiviaja

In Otres Beach 2 there is basically one thing to do: (you’ve might already expected it) BEACH! If you prefer Party, you might wanna chose your accommodation in Sihanoukville directly.

Misadventures in Otres Beach 2, Sihanoukville

Island hopping boat trip Sihanoukville vicko viaja Everything started with our island hopping tour. On the one hand we returned with a huge sunburn. (Even though we used a 50 SPF sunscreen!) Due to that the next days we would have to stay inside. Great beach holiday!But not only that. As you can read in my post about our island hopping tour, I cut my foot and my knee at some sharp corals when panicking in the water. The biggest cut on my food was not only deep, but was on the most annoying space of my foot it could be. And I didn’t even want to think of wearing my shoes or Flip Flops. Therefore, no walks for me those days either. It keeps getting better…But compared to Eduardo I was still doing pretty good… 

How everything started

Everything began the night after our island hopping tour. After having dinner we went to bed already around 9 pm as we were just really tired and exhausted. Some hours later Eduardo woke me up by walking around the room. He explained that he might have some mosquito bites he wanted to put some lotion on as they were kinda itchy. But since he got bitten by mosquitos everyday as soon as he puts a foot in front of the door I didn’t think about it further and went back to sleep.  During the next day the alleged mosquito bites got bigger and bigger though. The next evening they were extremely swollen and filled with a liquid and didn’t look like mosquito bites at all anymore.It was pretty peculiar that there were always some stiches together. And then I remembered… Didn’t Eduardo yesterday pet this dog at the beach? Maybe those could be flea bites?After googling for a while I realized that it could be flea bites or it couldn’t. So basically I wasn’t any smarter.Furthermore, I found this article about sand mosquitos. Victims complained about strong itching and having blisters where they got bitten. But if it was sand mosquitos shouldn’t I have stiches as well? After all, we have been together all the time during our island hopping tour.Eduardo lay awake during the whole next night. It just hurt him so much. And who knows Eduardo can tell that there is usually nothing holding him from sleeping. That’s why we decided to go to the hospital to Sihanoukville the next morning.

The hospital of Sihanoukville

the hospital of sihanoukville vickiviaja

The taxi drivers all demanded totally overpriced fared though. Until we finally found a tuk tuk driver that would take us back and forth for around $10. It was still a lot of money but what can you do? (Grab drivers usually didn’t got around that area)After arriving in the hospital we’ve been approached politely by one of the English speaking nurses. What a positive surprise. After the typical entrance procedure as measuring his blood pressure and weight (here Eduardo became quite happy after hearing that he lost around four kilos) we had to wait a couple of minutes.After a short time we got asked to enter the treatment room of the doctor. Surprisingly, even this doctor spoke English. Just a quick view he knew what the problem was: Sand mosquitos. He explained that tourists are extremely loved by these beasts. And we have absolutely not been the first ones getting there with this kind of complaint.So here was the proof. Mosquitos hate me! None of them even touched me. I didn’t have any single stich. The first time in my life I felt great about being hated ;)The reason for all these stiches he had was that one single sand mosquito can bite his victim up to 30 times. In the sand they are almost invisible. On the one hand because of of their color, on the other hand because of their size. Many people show allergic reactions after getting bitten by them, such as Eduardo did. medicine sihanoukville sand mosquitos vickiviaja

In the end, Eduardo got a huge amount of medicine. And in the evening you could already see a big improvement. 

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