Skip the Line Sagrada Familia, Barcelona & Everything you need to know about your visit

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The Sagrada Família belongs to Barcelona, like the Brandenburg Gate to Berlin or the Colosseum to Rome. Every year thousands of visitors get here to see this famous attraction for themselves. And not only from the outside, this masterpiece by Gaudí is a real highlight – it’s also worth having a look at from the inside.

Many travelers, however, make a big mistake when planning their Sagrada Familia visit. To make sure that does not happen to you, we’ll tell you step by step what you should know before your visit to Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, where to buy your ticket online without falling into tourist traps, and how to skip the line at Sagrada Familia.

How to get to Sagrada Família

Officially, the Sagrada Familia is located at the following address in the Eixample district:

Carrer de Mallorca 401
08013 Barcelona

By Metro: The Sagrada Família stop of the metro line L2 (Lila) is right next to this impressive basilica.

There are also several bus stops nearby.

Is a visit to Sagrada Família, Barcelona, worth it?

Sagrada Familia, roof, columns, modernism, Gaudí
Not a disappointment at all The inside of Sagrada Família

In short words, yes, it’s worth it. But don’t only take my word for it, you can rely on the 94% (out of 150,025 people) who rated a visit to the Sagrada Familia on TripAdvisor DE as either Excellent (78%) or Very Good (16%). Do I need to say more…?

From the outside, this famous building is already absolutely impressive. Especially if you keep in mind that this is actually still a construction site. But many like the interior almost even more. With its colorful windows, the Sagrada Família offers a cheerful and unique atmosphere that I couldn’t experience in any other church or cathedral before. Also, a look at the ceiling is worthwhile. But take a look for yourself …

Sagrada Familia Travel Guide – What to Know Before You Buy a Ticket

  • If possible, try to visit the Sagrada Família outside of the weekend as then, they are usually the fullest
  • Before booking, consider whether you just want to purchase just the entrance, take a guided tour, visit the towers or if you need an audio guide (more on that later)
  • In any case, deal with ticket purchase BEFORE arriving in Barcelona

Should I buy my ticket online in advance or on-site?

Definitely online! Not only is it cheaper to book your ticket online, but it also saves you a lot of time. With your online ticket, you don’t have to wait in line for a long time as the other visitors who haven’t bought their tickets in advance.

Another factor is the ability to plan. Especially those who only spend a day in Barcelona don’t want to wait for hours to see this famous Barcelona sight.

And there’s another big advantage in booking your ticket online – there’s security. If you go back to the TripAdvisor reviews, what is the most criticized aspect there? Exactly, sold-out tickets. Wouldn’t that be annoying if you ended up without a ticket?

Where can you purchase your Sagrada Familia ticket online?

Sagrada Familia, Außenfassade, Architektur, Gaudi, Barcelona
If you take a closer look, you can find many details in Sagrada Família’s Facade

Again and again, I hear or read about so-called scam websites that sell dubious tickets for the Sagrada Familia. To avoid such a tourist trap, you should make sure to use only reputable sources to buy tickets. I usually buy my tickets through GetYourGuide or Viator.

Seeing the Tower? The Pros and Cons


  • Wonderful view over the city
  • Experience more of the Sagrada Família
  • Better overall picture
  • Great experience


  • Additional waiting time (especially during the main season)
  • Elevator operation can be stopped or interrupted during strong wind or rain
  • Descent only via narrow spiral staircases
  • Children under 6 years and unaccompanied minors can’t visit the towers
  • Not designed handicapped accessible

Which Tickets and Tours are available?

Sagrada Familia, comparison, Barcelona, church
If you see Sagrada Família in comparison to the rest of the city, you can tell how huge it actually is

If you’ve checked the various tickets already, you have probably noticed the difference between prices. So what is the difference between each ticket?


This is the normal entry ticket that allows you to skip the line. This ticket is also the cheapest. However, this ticket does not include any extras such as headsets, tours, or seeing the towers.

Check further information & Prices about Skip-the-Line-Ticket

Skip-the-line with Audioguide

This ticket also allows you to avoid the line and thus save time. This ticket also includes an audio guide to help you understand the different aspects and history of the basilica. (Note, however, that you must select the audioguide as an option when booking)

Check further information & Prices about Audioguide Ticket

Sagrada Familia with Guided Tour

This ticket not only offers the opportunity to avoid queuing but also includes a tour. This way, you can get practical information about the Sagrada Familia during your visit, and at the end, there will be no questions left. However, the towers are not included in this tour.

Check further information & Prices about the Guided Tour

Skip-the-Line-Ticket with Nativity Tower

This ticket includes the preferred admission, which also lets you rush past the waiting crowd very quickly. You can also use this ticket to go up to the Nativity Tower. (The advantages and disadvantages of the tower can be found in the previous paragraph). From this tower, you can admire the eastern part of Barcelona.

Check further information & Prices of this Tower Ticket

Skip-the-Line-Ticket with Passion Tower

Also, with this ticket, you get preferential admission. A visit to the Passion Tower is included in this ticket as well. (The advantages and disadvantages of the tower can be found in the previous paragraph) From the Passion Tower, you can admire the center of the city.

Check further information & Prices of this Tower Ticket

Admission, Guides Tour, & Towers

With this ticket, you will receive the complete package for the Sagrada Familia. In addition to preferred entry, you will receive a tour, and you can visit the towers.

Check further information & Prices for a Complete Ticket

Combined Tickets

If you want to discover other Barcelona highlights in addition to the Sagrada Família, you can also buy a combined ticket that will allow you to access various attractions, such as: In combination with Park Güell, in combination with a Segway- or bike tour and many more.

Check Combined Tickets & Tours on GetYourGuide


Check Combined Tickets & Tours on Viator

Which ticket is the best for me?

Ticket // AspectSkip the Line TicketGuides TourTicket + TowerGuides Tour + Tower
Few TimeX
Traveling with small kidsX
Interested in ArchitectureXXXX
Physical DisabillityXX
As cheap as possibleX
Best Value for MoneyXX

How to visit Sagrada Familia for free

It’s true – you can actually visit the famous Sagrada Família for free with a simple trick. Just visit the church during its service. You can visit the weekly worship service without purchasing a ticket and without spending a dime.

The service in Sagrada Familia takes place every Sunday at 9 am and is held in different languages – also in English. Since the seats are limited, you should get in line no later than 8.30 am. Please note, however, that this is a religious event, and you should be acting respectfully toward the people visiting the service.

What you should know before visiting the Sagrada Família

The Sagrada Família is a religious building. That’s why there are some rules to consider when you visit.

  • Talking loudly, running, or similar things should be avoided
  • You should dress appropriately (shoulders and thighs should be covered)
  • If a mass is being celebrated, please don’t disturb

When will the constructions of Sagrada Familia be finished?

Sagrada Familia, construction, Architecture, in front of sea, Barcelona
A relatively new shoot of Sagrada Família. Some of the 18 towers are still missing

Did you know that the Sagrada Família has been built for more than 100 years? That makes it arguably the longest construction project of modern times. But now the end of the Eternal Construction Site, as it is sometimes called, is in sight. In 2026, on the 100th anniversary of the death of its architect Antoni Gaudí, this famous building is finally to be finished. We are curious if that is actually going to happen.
Anyway, it’s a fact that the Sagrada Família has changed steadily and extremely fast in recent years. Every time I stop by or look at it from our rooftop when hanging our laundry to dry, it looks a bit different.

The History of Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Família, windows, glass mosaic, colorful, Barcelona
The colorful glass windows of Sagrada Família are truly unique

The history of the Sagrada Família or Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Família (which is its official full name) dates back to the year 1866. The religious owner of a bookstore Josep Maria Bocabella planned to build a large expiatory church in Barcelona, modeled after big Italian churches. With donations collected for years, he bought the property in the city part of Eixample, which at that time was still undeveloped (in 1881). Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano was provided as the architect of this large building.

After only one year, however, the architect and its client found themselves in a big discussion, so that the construction project was offered to his competitors. Since the boss of the competing company was not interested in working on this project himself, he left it to his young new employee, Antoni Gaudí. In the 1880s, the first mass took place in the crypt, which was completed according to the original plans, but with revisions Gaudís.

Although the church, according to Villar, was rather planned in the neo-gothic style, Gaudí fundamentally changed the plans so that the gothic style was clearly visible. Even the 18 towers, which are not yet standing, were already planned at this time. In 1894 his plans were even extended by a large anonymous donation.

In 1926, however, Gaudí died in an accident with a tram in Barcelona. Although the work on the outer facade was completed in 1935 the further implementation of Gaudí’s plans made very slow progress from then on and was paused over the years again and again. During the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939), the construction work was completely suspended and some parts of the Sagrada Família even destroyed.

However, in the 50s, the construction work could finally be continued. Since the 24th of July 1969, the basilica has been declared a Spanish Property of Cultural Interest [(R.I)-51-0003813-00000], and in 2005, the crypt and the birth façade have been listed even as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In November 2010, the interior was completed and consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI and raised to the Basilica Minor. However, there is still a lot to be done until completion. 18 towers are to stand someday.

Accommodation in Barcelona

In the following, we present to you 3 popular accommodations in Barcelona for different Budgets. If you want to know which neighborhood is the best for you, make sure to check our comprehensive Barcelona Neighborhood and Accommodation Guide before booking.

Budget Accommodation in Barcelona

Safestay Barcelona Sea

Mid-range Accommodation in Barcelona

Hotel Santa Maria

Luxury Accommodation in Barcelona

Ciutat de Barcelona

Need a Tour for Barcelona?

Find a whole lot of amazing tours and entrance tickets for Barcelona on GetYourGuide here.

FAQ about Sagrada Família

How long should you spend at Sagrada Familia?

You should take your time when you visit to enjoy all the details this famous church offers. Make sure to plan at least 1 ½ hours for your visit. A little bit more if you want to visit the towers as well.

Will Sagrada Família ever be finished?

During the last years, the constructions have been going on quite fast. The Sagrada Família is expected to be finished in 2026 for the 100th anniversary of the death of its architect Antoni Gaudí.

Why is the Sagrada Família so important?

Besides being the most important landmarks in Barcelona and in the total of Spain, it’s one of the only construction sites to have ever received the status of a UNESCO World Heritage without even being finished yet.

What does Sagrada Família mean?

Sagrada Familia is Spanish while Sagrada Família is Catalan for “Holy Family”.

What is the best time to visit Sagrada Família?

The light is said to be best for photos between 10 and 11.30 am and between 5 and 6 am (Summertime). Depending on the season, these times can change a bit.

If you want to go when the fewest people go, make sure to visit Monday or Tuesday Morning at 9 am.

Is there luggage storage/lockers in Sagrada Família?

No. At the moment this service is not available and you have to keep your luggage with you. The only exception is when you visit the towers. For security reasons, you cannot bring your backpack with you upstairs.

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