Spain Instagram Captions – 222 inspiring Quotes & Captions about Spain

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You have recently returned from Spain, and now you can’t wait to share your travel pictures with the world? Do you want to make sure to add a catchy Spain Instagram caption to your snapshots, but you can’t just come up with an engaging thing to write? Look no further; here, you can find a whole bunch of inspiring Spain quotes for Instagram that you can simply copy and paste into your photo caption, and you are done.

I have lived in Spain now for more than seven years, so I know the country pretty well. So I tried to make sure to catch the essence of the country, turning it into the perfect caption for your Spain travel picture.

You can find anything from creative Spain Instagram Captions to funny Quotes about Spain and corny puns. So let’s dive right into the world of Instagram Captions for Spain.

The best Spain Instagram Captions – Great Captions for your Spain Pictures

the best spain instagram captions

¡Hola España! Embracing the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

Finding my inner flamenco dancer ?? in the heart of Spain!

Tapas, siestas, and fiestas – the Spanish way of life ?

Chasing sunsets in España ?

¡Viva España! Exploring the land of passion and history.

Paella, sangria, and endless sunshine ☀️ #LivingTheSpanishDream

The magic of Spain lies in its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings.

Uncovering Spain’s rich history one city at a time

Discovering the hidden gems of Spain’s charming villages

Spain, you’ve stolen a piece of my heart – ¡Hasta pronto! ??❤️

Dancing the night away under Spanish stars ?✨

dancing the night away under spanish stars quote

Flamenco, tapas, and endless summer nights ?

Finding my rhythm in the land of flamenco and fiestas ?

Embracing the vibrant Spanish spirit, one city at a time

España: where every day is a fiesta and every night is magical ?

Living la vida loca in beautiful Spain!

Spanish sunsets and endless memories ?

Getting lost in Spain’s vibrant streets

Finding paradise in Spain’s hidden corners

Embracing the Spanish sun, one siesta at a time ☀️

Falling under the spell of Spain’s rich history ?

Wherever you go in Spain, there’s a story waiting to be told ??

From bustling cities to serene coastlines, Spain has it all ??️

The beauty of Spain is in its diversity

Wandering through Spain’s picturesque villages

¡Olé! Embracing the passion and energy of Spain ?

Finding my happy place on Spain’s golden shores ?️

Spain: a love story written in tapas, sunsets, and cobblestone streets ?

Spanish adventures and breathtaking views await ?

The essence of Spain lies in its warmth and charm

From siestas to fiestas, living the Spanish dream ?

In Spain, every moment is a memory waiting to be made ?

Unwinding in Spain’s hidden gems and seaside retreats ?️

Timeless beauty and endless inspiration in España ??

Stepping into a world of color and history in Spain ?

Spain, where the past and present come together in perfect harmony ?️

Touched by the Spanish sun and the spirit of adventure ☀️

Discovering Spain’s vibrant soul, one city at a time ?

The magic of Spain lies in the laughter, the music, and the people ?

Spain: where memories are made, and hearts are captured ❤️

Exploring the wonders of Spain, from mountains to coastlines ?️

Enamorado de España – In love with Spain ?

¡Que viva España! – Long live Spain! ?

España, la tierra de mis sueños – Spain, the land of my dreams ?

Amando cada segundo en España – Loving every second in Spain ⏳

Riendo bajo el sol español – Laughing under the Spanish sun ?

Vivir la Vida in Spain.

Disfrutando la vida en España – Enjoying life in Spain ?

España, donde la vida es una fiesta – Spain, where life is a party ?

Feeling bueno

España, un sueño hecho realidad – Spain, a dream come true ?

Saboreando la vida en España – Savoring life in Spain ?

Spain Quotes for Instagram

spain quotes for Instagram

Spain is a fascinating mix of people, languages, culture and food, but if there is one thing all Spaniards share, it’s a love of food and drink.

– José Andrés

In Spain, the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world.

– Federico García Lorca

There is no night life in Spain. They stay up late but they get up late. That is not night life. That is delaying the day.

— Ernest Hemingway

I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain.

– George Orwell

Any reasonable, sentient person who looks at Spain, comes to Spain, eats in Spain, drinks in Spain, they’re going to fall in love. Otherwise, there’s something deeply wrong with you. This is the dream of all the world.

– Anthony Bourdain

Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain.

– John Masefield
solemn beauty spain quote

If you are thinking about walking the Camino, do not hesitate. Just go.

– Yoonjin Song

All my life is in Spain. I will stay.

– Paz Vega

Spain, the beautiful country of wine and songs.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I loved everything about Spain – the people, the language, and the food!

– Karlie Kloss

If you come from Spain, you have to play football.

– Enrique Iglesias

Instagram Captions for Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, comparison, Barcelona, church

A Gaudí masterpiece in every corner ? #Barcelona

Barcelona is an enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, fabled architecture, and a world-class drinking and dining scene.

– Anthony Bourdain

Feeling on top of the world at Park Güell ? #BarcelonaViews

Even the moon was embarrassed by the beauty of Barcelona.

– Andrew Barger

Barcelona is so Gaudí-geous, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it!

Barce-living the dream in this stunning Spanish paradise!

I stopped because I went to Barcelona, where life was too exciting to write.

– Colm Tóibín

I live between Barcelona and Berlin. Staying in Spain over the winter and Berlin for spring and summer is an ideal combination.

– Daniel Bruhl

Barcelona, a fountain of courtesy, the shelter of strangers, hospice to the poor, land of the valiant, avenger of the offended, reciprocator of firm friendship, a city unique in its location and beauty.

– Miguel de Cervantes

Allow me to state here how much I love Barcelona, an admirable city, a city full of life, intense, a port open to the past and future.

– Le Corbusier

I’d love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job.

– Bobby Heenan

Instagram Captions for Madrid

almudena Cathedral in Madrid

Madrid: where history meets modernity ?️?

Madrid is having nothing and having everything.

– Ramón Gómez de la Serna

Madrid seems to be in a hurry to say everything.

– Javier Marias

I have never been to a city where there are fewer reasons to go to bed and if I did go to bed, to sleep.

– Ernest Hemingway

Collecting Memories in Madrid.

If I ever get lost, don’t look for me too far. I’ll be walking in Madrid

Mad in Madrid.

Vaya, vaya, aquí no hay playa.

– The Refrescos

Let’s be real, Madrid.

Instagram Captions for other places in Spain

spaniards, spanish lifestyle

Sevilla, you have my heart ❤️ #AndalusianBeauty

Exploring the architectural wonders of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences

Falling in love with Granada’s Alhambra – a Moorish masterpiece

Wandering through the magical gardens of Real Alcázar ? #SevilleSecrets

The enchanting beauty of Spain’s Costa Brava ? #BeachLife

Málaga, a martini of the sea.

– Rafael Pérez Estrada

Cadiz is a city of magic, like Cracow or Dublin, to set the mind on fire at a turn of a corner. The eye is continually fed, the imagination stirred, by a train of spectacles as charming as if they had been contrived.

 – Honor Tracy

In no part of the world is the landscape like that of Granada.

– Manuel de Falla

Living the Andalusian dream in southern Spain ?

The best Spanish sayings to use for your Instagram caption (with Translation)

spanish sayings with translation

“A mal tiempo, buena cara”

– In bad times, put on a brave face

“Ama la vida” – Love life

“El mundo es tuyo” – The world is yours

“La vida es bella” – Life is beautiful

“Más vale tarde que nunca”

– Better late than never

“Cada loco con su tema”

– To each their own

“Barriga llena, corazón contento”

– Full stomach, happy heart

“Sonríe, es gratis” – Smile, it’s free

Sonrie, es gratis, spanish quotes for instagram

“Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar”

– Traveler, there is no path, the path is made by walking

“Quien no arriesga, no gana”

– Nothing ventured, nothing gained

“Sueña sin límites” – Dream without limits

“Vive, ama, viaja” – Live, love, travel

“Donde fueres, haz lo que vieres”

– When in Rome, do as the Romans do

“Aprende de cada experiencia” – Learn from every experience

“El viaje es el destino”

– The journey is the destination

“Disfruta el momento” – Enjoy the moment

“El que no sale, no llega”

– The one who doesn’t leave, never arrives

“Cree en ti mismo” – Believe in yourself

“Nunca dejes de soñar” – Never stop dreaming

Funny Instagram Captions about Spain

Funny Instagram Captions about Spain

Sangria in hand, Spanish adventure awaits ?

Fiesta like there’s no mañana.

“No pasa nada” – my new Spanish motto ?

When in Spain, embrace the siesta lifestyle ?

Sun, sand, and sangria – that’s the Spanish way! ?️

Italy valued cathedrals while Spain valued explorers. So worldwide, five times as many people speak Spanish than Italian.

 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Spain, where “hola” translates to “welcome to paradise” ?️

Just a siesta away from conquering Spain! ?

just a siesta away from conquering spain

In Spain, I’m all about that tapas life. ?️

Keep calm and flamenco on! ?

When life gives you España, make sangria! ?

Eat, siesta, fiesta, repeat – the Spanish way! ?

Spain: Turning siestas into fiestas since forever! ?

Chasing tapas and dreams in España ??

Flamenco my way through Spain ?

Sangria today, siesta mañana! ?

Spain: Where the fiesta never ends, and the siesta is always near ?

The best Spain Puns for Instagram

Spain Puns for Instagram

What do you call a Spanish football player with a great sense of humor? A Real “Madridian”

So, during my trip to Spain I got attacked by a bull. – Oh man that’s spainful.

What’s a Spaniard’s favorite type of math? Barcelonaometry!

What do you call an elderly Spanish man? A senõr citizen.

In Spain, we flamenc-go with the flow!

Having a grape time exploring Spanish vineyards! ?

Oh my Gaudi, Barcelona is amazing!

I asked my Spanish girlfriend to make a to-do list so she wrote down everything.

I might as Güell visit Barcelona.

Wanna visit Spain? – Wine not.

wanna visit Spain? - Wine not?

How do you call the funniest fruit in Spain? Naranjajaja

What do you call a rental car in Spain? A Barceloaner.

I like to say mucho when i’m talking to my Spanish speaking friends. It means a lot to them.

What do you call a hangover when you’re alone in Spain? Barf-a-lona.

Too Gaudi for my own good

Spain Food Quotes for Instagram

Spain Food Quotes for Instagram

Savoring the sweet taste of churros and chocolate in Spain ? #Delicioso

Savoring the flavors of Spain, one bite at a time ?

“Sabores inolvidables” – Unforgettable flavors

Tapas hopping through the streets of Spain ? #FoodieParadise

Strolling through Spain’s colorful streets, one churro at a time

“A comer tapas” – Let’s eat tapas

“Sabor a España” – Taste of Spain

Seizing the day, the Spanish way: tapas, sangria, and siestas ?️

“Gastronomía y alegría” – Gastronomy and joy

I came for the sights, but stayed for the churros ?

“Paella para el alma” – Paella for the soul

Paell-yeah! Loving the Spanish cuisine! ?

“Delicias de España” – Delights of Spain

The world is my tapas bar, and Spain is the star dish ?

“Churros y chocolate” – Churros and chocolate

Tasting my way through Spain, one tapa at a time ?

tasting my way through spain, one tapa at a time, food quote

“Sangría y sol” – Sangria and sun

In Spain, I’m paella-ng like there’s no tomorrow ?

“Un viaje culinario” – A culinary journey

“Amor por la comida española” – Love for Spanish food

Inspiring Spanish words to add to your Instagram Picture

inspiring spanish words for your instagram

Aventura – Adventure

Maravilloso – Wonderful

Sol – Sun

Tranquilidad – Tranquility

tranquilidad - tranquility, spanish words for instagram

Belleza – Beauty

Descubrir – Discover

Atardecer – Sunset

Amistad – Friendship

Pasear – Stroll

Alegría – Joy

Viaje – Journey

Paisaje – Landscape

Encanto – Charm

Saborear – Savor

Pasión – Passion

Explorar – Explore

Montañas – Mountains

Playa – Beach

Sueños – Dreams

Magia – Magic

Recuerdos – Memories

Inspiración – Inspiration

Felicidad – Happiness

Estrellas – Stars

Historia – History

Tesoro – Treasure

Sonrisa – Smile

Abrazo – Hug

Verano – Summer

Serenidad – Serenity

Libertad – Freedom

Enamorado – In love

Cielo – Sky

Familia – Family

Descanso – Rest

Vacaciones – Vacations

Colorido – Colorful

Mirada – Gaze

Amanecer – Sunrise

Callejear – Wander

Nostalgia – Nostalgia

Corazón – Heart

Emoción – Emotion

Explorador – Explorer

Aventurero – Adventurer

Gastronomía – Gastronomy

Inspirador – Inspiring

Delicioso – Delicious

Inolvidable – Unforgettable

Auténtico – Authentic

Relajante – Relaxing

Fascinante – Fascinating

Tranquilidad – Tranquility

Which one is your favorite? Or do you have your own Spain Quote that we forgot on this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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