Cambodia Travel Tips – Important Things to know before going to Cambodia

Things to know before going to Cambodia, Cambodia Travel Tips, Angkor Wat

Cambodia is just an amazingly beautiful country. And if someone would have told me five years ago that I would be backpacking around here for one month, I would have probably never believed it. I am still trying to organize all these impressions from four weeks in Cambodia. Not as easy as it may seem. It’s … Read more

The most common Scams in Vietnam and how to avoid them

scams in Ho Chi Minh vicki viaja

The more tourist a place has, the more scammers, pickpockets or tourist trips you will probably find. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that, nowadays, with the rising amount of tourists, also the number of scams in Vietnam taking place every day is drastically increasing. Here you can find, two scams they have tried on us … Read more