The Castle of Matsumoto

Matsumoto famous for its bug castle that is located in the city center. It’s said to be the second biggest castle in Japan

For 600 Yen (ca. 4.90 Euro) you can enter and have a walk through the castle garden and the impressive insides of the castle.

Inside of Matsumoto Castle you can also find a variety of exhibition things from the Edo area. You can actually easily spend two hours up in there. But not only this.

Matsumoto castle vicki viaja

There are many volunteer guides that offer their guiding for free. Even tips don’t get accepted.
The man that showed us around, started studying Spanish three years ago and was happy to practice a bit with us. So he could explain us the peculiarities of the Matsumoto Castle in Spanish and English.
It was really pleasant to have someone that could tell us the background infos about the shown objects and the castle itself. As many of the signs were just in Japanese and maybe for one or two things some necessary background info probably was missing from our site. And besides that we could also learn more about Japanese culture und habits.

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