Unique Travel Gifts – The perfect gifts for someone going traveling

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Your friend loves traveling and you are still looking for perfect unique travel gifts? Look no further! Here, you can find the best gifts for someone going traveling, whether it is travel gift ideas for her or creative travel gifts for him.

Unique Travel Gifts for someone going traveling

This section is all about creative gift ideas for someone going abroad any time soon or already having a trip planned.

Presents for someone going abroad

Travel Organizer Travel Bag

How about a little help keeping all your cables and chargers organized? It helps you to always find the correct charger whenever you need it and prevents your cables from knotting together.

Check the latest prices for this Travel Organizer Cable Bag here.

Collapsible Water Bottle

It’s always important to stay hydrated while traveling. With this great water bottles, you can always fill up your water bottle when you find a good source of drinking water while traveling. But if they are empty they won’t take up much space. A great gift especially for backpackers.

Check the latest price here.

Mosquito Repellent Bath Soap

This travel gadget is a useful helper for everyone suffering from mosquito bites while traveling. It’s perfect for people going on backpacking or hiking trips.
Check the latest prices for the Mosquito Repellent Soap Bar here.

Stylish Luggage Cover

I guess every traveler knows this struggle of having to wait at the baggage claim waiting for your suitcase. But how can you tell right away which one is yours? With a cool and unique luggage cover like this one. You can find different designs and sizes.

For the latest prices of the Luggage Cover click here.

Waterproof Phone Case

Every traveler loves taking pictures of their adventures. But if you are traveling on a boat, at the beach or near a pool there is always a risk of your phone getting wet when shooting pictures or posting your latest shots on Instagram and Co. With such a phone protector, your friend can be saved from his phone getting wet.

Check the latest prices of this Waterproof Phone Cover here.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Not only your phone needs to be waterproof when you are near the water, but also your other belongings, such as cameras, drones etc. should be kept dry. This bag will keep all your stuff dry even if the bag falls into the water.

This Dry Bag is available in different sizes and colors. Check the latest price here.

Passport Cover

After getting into a hard monsoon rain with all of our luggage, we know how practical it is to have your passport covered and thus protected. There are so many nice designs to choose from.

Check the latest prices for this Passport Cover here.

A little helper for ordering food

Ordering food and understanding the menu abroad can be quite difficult and many places don’t offer an English menu. These little guides are an amazing help to understand what your restaurant is offering and they fit in any bag.

Check the latest price for those Phrase books here.

Compression Socks

When getting on a long flight, compression socks are the thing to wear. I realized that after arriving in Japan with super swollen ankles. Do your traveling friend a favor and get him some.

Check the latest price of those compression socks here.

Unique gifts for traveling couples

Travel Game Set

For relaxed evenings during the trip or boring trips on the train. This way, your befriended couple has their entertainment with them all the time. They can choose their favorite.

Check the latest price for this Magnetic Travel Game Set.

Unique Camping Gifts

Portable Solar Charger

Do you want to charge your phone even when you are in the middle of nature? Then this is the perfect present for you: A charger that works with solar light.

Check the latest price for this Solar Phone Charger.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

This travel gadget is a real lifesaver. It protects you from mosquitos whenever you wear them. And everyone knows that mosquitos are a camper’s biggest enemy.

Check the latest price for those Mosquito Repellent Bracelets by clicking here.

Super Unique Camper Tent

Isn’t that the coolest tent ever? For the ultimate Hippy-Feeling while camping.

Check the latest price for this VW Camper Tent here.

Wooden Phone Amplifier

Relaxing in the sun in front of your tent/ Van and listening to some music? Sounds amazing. But what if your phone is not loud enough, but you don’t have any electricity in order to use a speaker? This wooden Phone Amplifier is the perfect solution as it works without electricity.

Check the latest price for this Wooden Phone Amplifier here.

Inflatable Chair

This chair is not only super relaxing but also really easy to inflate as you can just inflate it using the air around you. The perfect travel gadget for every Camping trip.

Check the latest price here.

Glow in the dark rope

No more falling over tent ropes in the dark. And no more getting stuck in any rope at night. With this glow in the dark rope, you can always see it, even at night.

Check the price of the Glow in the Dark Rope here.

Unique gifts for travel lovers (at home)

Cork Globe

A cool present for everyone that loves to travel. You can put a pin in every country you have visited and get a great overview by adding tickets, photos, and other memories to your destinations.

Check the latest price of this Cork Globe here.

Compass with Quote

A unique and cute gift idea for travel lovers is this gem.

Check for the latest price of this Compass with a quote here.

Travel Quote Mug

How could your friends start their day better than drinking their coffee out of a nice travel themed mug like this one? You can either get one like that or check for personalized mugs on the internet where you can add your own travel pictures or quotes.

Check the latest price for this travel mug here.

Travel Wall Vinyl Sticker

Isn’t it amazing to have your passion for decorating your walls? With this world map travel wall sticker, your friend can show everyone what he loves to do.

Check the latest price for this Travel Wall Sticker here.

Desk stand with travel quotes

With this unique desk stand with travel quotes your friend always has a travel reminder with him while working.

Check the latest price here.

Did you find what you’ve been looking for? Or do you have another unique travel gift idea that I haven’t covered here? Please let me know in the comments below.


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