The ultimate Guide to Successfully Moving to Spain

Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to a Smooth, Stress-Free Transition to Your Dream Life in Sunny Spain

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An optimal planning aid

With our simple step-by-step emigration plan, you’ll always know exactly what to do next and be perfectly prepared for your move to Spain.

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Save time and frustration.

With our practical guide, you save up to 42 hours of tedious information search & avoid outdated & wrong information on the Internet.

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All documents at a glance

Find all documents and addresses you need on-site in one place. This saves you valuable time, and you will always be equipped with the right forms.

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Avoid pitfalls & connect.

With practical information about the country, its people and culture, and tips from more than 145 experienced expats, you’ll be well informed about your new home and immediately get in touch with locals.

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Your start into a new life is now easier than ever. Because in my book Successfully Moving to Spain, you will receive help in emigrating to Spain and learn in simple steps everything you need to know for a successful new life in Spain.

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Because just imagine how your life would change within a few months if you start planning your move to Spain efficiently now. In just a couple of months, you could be sitting at a café on the beach, your eyes lost in the surf, sipping an aromatic red wine. Later, you’ll share some tasty tapas with your newfound friends in your favorite bar and enjoy your new life in Spain. 

Worry-free to Spain

With my book, I want to give you an all-around carefree package that will help you arrive in Spain and feel comfortable from day one – even without an impressive knowledge of Spanish. With this guide, you will not only benefit from my personal tips but also the experiences of more than 145 expats. With the help of exciting expat interviews and surveys, I collected and bundled this decisive information for you.

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Starting with the deregistration in your country up to building your life under the Spanish sun. I tell you exactly which processes you have to go through to successfully register in the country and which documents you need for this and help you to avoid possible pitfalls and hurdles. I will give you tips on arriving and settling in and show you how you can make new contacts as soon as you arrive in the country to start your new life straight away and without any problems. 

Spain for Everyone

Whether for long-term stays such as studies, a year abroad, au pair, retirement, work, and wintering, or for immigrants who want to move their residence to Spain – here you will find all the information you need for your Spain adventure.

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  • Available as paperback and E-book
  • Find out if living in Spain is right for you
  • Follow our step-by-step moving plan to be perfectly prepared for any directive
  • Ideal planning aids even before you leave home
  • Helpful guidelines to apply for the correct visa
  • Practical guides and tips to make your life in Spain even easier
  • Links to all the important documents and forms you will need
  • Valuable information about the country, its people and culture
  • Useful Spanish words and phrases that are guaranteed to pay off at your registration
  • Benefit from the recommendations of experienced expats
  • Extra: Further links, important addresses, and telephone numbers
  • Bonus: Doing good – 20 ct. of every book sold goes to the aid organization SOS Children’s Villages
  • All for the price of a cocktail at your favorite bar

I can understand you just too well.

When I first arrived in Spain six years ago, I was completely unprepared and had no idea what to expect.

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While I laboriously dug through the outdated and partly incomprehensible information online, I wasted a lot of valuable time. I could have used this time so much better for learning Spanish or making friends.

Missing documents, incorrect information, unnecessary official procedures, and simple processes that I could have already completed from home within a few minutes were instead costing me pointless nerves, time, and money.

If I had had a guidebook like this back then, I could have saved myself a whole 42 hours of annoying work researching, phoning around, and unnecessary visits to the authorities.

Especially without sufficient language skills, the required information often remains unclear.

The proper preparation is key when moving abroad.

Due to the time wasted, it took me several months to finally settle in and feel at home in Spain. The stress and the lack of knowledge even brought me a few times to the point where I was close to just giving up and returning home.

So today, I know how important detailed preparation is for moving to Spain. Because once I completed the inevitable registration process, life in Spain was exactly what I had dreamed of.

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It can be so easy

Fast forward to today, I live happily in Barcelona with my Spanish husband Eduardo and could hardly imagine returning to my home country.

And that is exactly why I would like to share the registration process with you in a few simple steps. So that you too can experience the beauty of this extraordinary country unrestricted and carefree by completing the tedious official procedures in no time.

However, in this book, you can not only benefit from my personal experiences. In various expats’ interviews and collaborations with other expats, I have collected even more helpful tips and anecdotes that will drastically simplify your first steps in Spain.

That’s what my readers are saying

The book is written in a very interesting and understandable way. It makes you want to emigrate, but does not sugarcoat the whole thing and warns of real problems that expats can encounter on their way. Above all, the book gives a good overview of things to think about before taking the first steps towards emigration. I wish I had this book before I emigrated. But even I, the true expatriation professional, discovered some new things for myself by reading the book. Thank you, Vicki!”

Olesya F., Owner of the German Expat Blog,

The book “Successfully Moving to Spain” by Vicki Franz is a very good introduction for anyone seriously interested in a first or second residence in Southern Europe. Thus, in the beginning, the author also highlights the concise advantages of Spain well. The reading helps to consolidate or finalize the decision for Spain, which is a certain prerequisite to diving deeper into the manual. If you do just that, you can expect carefully researched facts and valuable tips that definitely make starting in Spain easier. As Vicki Franz explains very clearly, the Spanish bureaucracy is not uncomplicated but can be mastered by us. The book pays for itself so quickly, even many times over, not least because of the many useful addresses and references. I can therefore recommend it without reservation!”

Sabine Ostlender, Spanish Real Estate expert at

“A very impressive, not to mention thoroughly comprehensive, look at immigrating to Spain as a non-EU member. The book made me
aware of things I had given no thought to and provided me with a much clearer picture of what I need to do to move to Spain.

Faith C.

Great useful information covering all types of visas to move to Spain. Light-hearted and funny at times. I can relate to so many situations, having emigrated to Spain years ago. Wish I had information like this book prior to making the decision to leave the USA and make Spain my permanent forever home.”

Tara A.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which formats is the book available?

You can purchase Successfully Moving to Spain as a paperback, Kindle, or standard e-book version.

Who is the book intended for?

The book is perfect for everyone who wants to go to Spain long-term. Whether it’s for

  • Moving abroad to Spain
  • Temporary Stay of any kind
  • Working abroad
  • Studying abroad
  • A Semester abroad
  • Summer School
  • An internship
  • A Language Course
  • Wintering
  • A Sabbatical
  • Au-Pair
  • Long-term Vacation
  • Digital Nomads
  • Retirement in Spain

What makes this book different from others on the market?

Unlike many other books on the market, in my book you will not only find a list of tasks to do, but you will also get additional information on when, where and how you can best complete these tasks. In addition, there is a lot of valuable information about the country, people, culture, and language that is guaranteed to pay off.

Can I not find all the information on the internet for free?

Theoretically, it’ possible. But it will take you a lot of time to find all the information. The Internet is also full of outdated and incorrect information. It can be difficult to determine the right sources. In addition, you will get a lot of extra tips from experienced expats in the book, which you probably won’t find online.

I just want to go to Spain for a few months. Is the book worth it for me?

Definitely. The book contains information not only for expats, but also people who generally want to spend time in Spain.

I own an EU-passport. Is the book still worth it?

Definitely. The book also contains information for EU passport holders.

I am not sure yet if Spain is the right country for me.

In this case, too, the book can help you. In the first part, you will learn more about the reasons for and against living in Spain. You will also get practical comparisons between Spain, the US and the UK, and a helpful insight into life in Spain. Even if you ultimately decide against living in Spain, the book can save you from big disappointments.

I am already living in Spain. Is the book useful for me?

If you are already living in Spain but have not yet completed your registration, you can still find a lot of helpful information in this book and save a lot of time. However, if you have already applied for your TIE, the free information on our blog about the country and its people will probably serve you better.

Will a share of the book’s revenue really be donated?

Absolutely. I would like to donate 20 cents from each book sold to the charity SOS Children’s Villages or Evidence Action – Deworm the World (Recommended by the charity watchdog GiveWell), as this organization is very close to my heart. 50 cents here equals one life-changing deworming pill for children in developing areas such as India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

I am looking for concrete information on taxes.

Unfortunately, I am not a tax advisor or lawyer. Accordingly, you will find general information on taxes and filing procedures in the book, but no detailed tax information. If you are looking for concrete and binding information, it is probably best to contact a Gestoría or a tax consultant.

How up-to-date is the information in the book?

I always try to have the latest information in the book and regularly check with official sources for possible changes. The current edition contains information as of 2022. After purchase, you can always check the latest updates on the book’s website.

How long will it take to read the entire book?

It all depends on your reading speed. But if you have enough time, you can read the book in one day. Believe me, it takes much longer to gather information from other sources.