About the author: Vicki Franz

Meet Vicki, the face behind Vicki Viaja


  • Reiseblogger and Tourism Manager with a focus on traveling in Spain, Barcelona, Spanish-speaking destinations, and around the world, providing top-notch travel budget tips.
  • Holds a Bachelor in Tourism Management, specializing in Marketing, Airlines, Hotels, and travel companies.
  • Featured on WDR (German TV Channel), demonstrating a significant impact and expertise in the travel and tourism industry.


Vicki Franz, a seasoned travel blogger, and Tourism Manager, dedicates her expertise to offering insights into authentic travel experiences to English- and German-speaking travelers worldwide. Her approach combines personal exploration with practical budget tips, aiming to guide travelers through their destinations ethically and sustainably.

Vicki’s work is characterized by her commitment to sharing her personal travel experiences, enabling readers to delve deeper into their adventures with a focus on authenticity and mindfulness.

In her role at TourismusTaktik, Vicki amplifies her impact on the travel industry and enriches her writings with a profound understanding of the tourism landscape.

Her expertise is further recognized through her featured work on WDR, where her contributions underscore her dedication to enhancing travel experiences for a broad audience.

Vicki’s writing process is deeply personal and reflective. She is driven by her desire to enable deeper, more meaningful travel experiences. She believes in the power of ethical and sustainable travel. She ensures that her audience can explore their destinations with respect and a sense of responsibility towards the local culture and environment.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Vicki enjoys cooking and learning languages, hobbies that complement her travel interests and allow her to connect more deeply with the cultures she explores.


Vicki Franz achieved her foundational expertise in travel and tourism with a Bachelor’s in Tourism Management. Her educational journey equipped her with the necessary skills to excel in various facets of the tourism industry, including marketing strategies for airlines, hotels, and travel companies.