About the author: Vicki Franz

Meet Vicki, the face behind Vicki Viaja

Let’s get to know each other: That’s me

  • Holaaa, I’m Vicki Franz, globetrotter,
  • full-time travel blogger at Vickiviaja (find out more about the blog on our About Us page)
  • I am a tourism manager (Bachelor from Ostfalia University of Applied Science),
  • Author of the Amazon bestseller Successfully Moving to Spain,
  • I grew up in beautiful Goslar on the edge of the Harz Mountains in Germany.
  • I moved to Spain when I was 22.
  • Since then, I have lived in Barcelona with my husband, Eduardo.
  • Before that, I lived, studied, and worked in five countries (Germany, China, Taiwan, the Maldives, and Spain).
  • I have visited 39 countries so far.

Vicki in numbers

  • Age: 30
  • Full-time Travel blogger since: 2017
  • Published books: 2
  • Countries visited: 39 (Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, England, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Andorra, Greece, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Japan, China, Maldives, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Morocco, Russia)
  • Languages learned: 6 (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Catalan, Latin, Ancient Greek)
  • Languages actually spoken: 4
  • Destinations on my wish list: an infinite number
  • Feel-good temperature: 25-30°C

Eight countries I would visit again in a heartbeat

  • Spain, of course
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • USA (for my absolute favorite city, New York City!)
  • Greece
  • Italy (and eating pasta every day – a dream!)

That’s what I do when I’m not traveling the world

  • Cooking and, of course, even better: eating
  • Reading (preferably thrillers, crime novels, or non-fiction books)
  • Learning languages (I’m currently learning Mandarin and Catalan)
  • Walking on the beach (I’m a true summer child and have to make the most of every ray of sunshine – unfortunately, my excessively white skin doesn’t see it that way, but oh well)
  • Time with my husband, friends, and family

Other things I love

  • Good food
  • The color turquoise
  • Penguins
  • Have I mentioned New York yet?
  • The smell of coconut
  • Tomato soup
  • The commitment to the right to education for children worldwide
Palenqueras in Cartagena, Touristenfoto, vicki franz

My story – in (relatively) brief

You might be expecting one of those stories where travel was in my blood from the cradle, and I was globe-trotting as a toddler. But that wasn’t the case for me. Quite the opposite, in fact. Our annual family trips were always to the same place: a beach in Denmark, the same village, and even the same holiday home.

That all changed at 15 when I ventured further than Denmark for the first time – to Italy on a student exchange program. There, I got a nasty sunstroke while hiking in Cinque Terre and had enough of traveling for a while.

But a year and a half later, I gave travel another shot – this time to the USA. A visit to New York City left me absolutely enchanted, both by the city and the idea of traveling itself.

Afterward, I did a voluntary social year in a nursing home in my hometown, Goslar, Germany, while studying tourism management in a nearby city. Thanks to my job as a waitress, I finally got to see a bit of the world – an internship in Beijing, a summer study in Taiwan, another internship in the Maldives, and city trips around Europe.

In Barcelona, I met Eduardo, and just a little bit later, after my internship in the Maldives, in 2016, I moved to Spain to be with him. After a year in typical office jobs, we quit to travel across Southeast Asia for seven months. And right there, on May 21, 2017, my blog was born.