Angkor 3 Days Tour – Part 1 Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom & Ta Prohm

Ready for your Angkor Tour? Angkor is famous worldwide for its antique temple ruins. Often the UNESCO world heritage is wrongly called Angkor Wat, although Angkor Wat is just a small part of the huge temple grounds. (Well small sounds kinda weird considering Angkor Wat is known to be the biggest temple complex in the world)

Year by year millions of people travel to Cambodia just to see these popular temple ruins with its still remained details. Whether as a part of a Cambodia or as a day trip from Bangkok.
In this post, you will find a detailed guide to those unique temples, Angkor images and all the information you need for your own mesmerizing Angkor Tour Adventure.
We chose the three-day ticket which includes free entrance from 5 pm on the day of purchase.


Author’s note:
This is part 1 of my detailed 3 days Angkor Tour Guide. Which includes Day of Ticket purchase and Day 1. (We chose the small circle tour by tuk-tuk for day 1) Moreover, you will find facts and information about buying tickets, how to get there and a detailed review of the temples.
For Day 2 and 3 by motorbike click here.

Angkor Facts

  • Takes up more than 200km2 of land
  • Over the years different capitals have been located here and built their main temple around
  • Up to today more than 1000 temple and relicts have been found
  • Most of the temples have been dedicated to Hindu gods, especially Shiva

Best travel time for Angkor

High season

End of October – April

Raining Season

May – October

Dress Code

It is obligated (especially for a woman) to have your clothes cover everything up to your knees and your shoulders. This is not only a matter of respect but also is getting checked in front of every temple.


The entrance fee for one day costs $37. For three days you gotta pay $62. (2017)
The chosen days don’t have to be consecutive. We preferred to take a one-day break after every day we spent in Angkor.
The food within the park can get quite expensive compared to the food downtown in Siem Reap, so you might either wanna bring some snacks or go back to your accommodation during napping time and return in the evening. We usually spent the early mornings in Angkor and left when huge crowds arrived in the afternoon in order to see the sunset.
The ticket will have a picture of you attached, so you cannot sell or share your ticket.

Where to buy your Ticket to Angkor

The building in which you can buy your ticket to Angkor is a little bit outside of town but not on the direct way to Angkor. The company you can purchase the tickets from is called Angkor Enterprise. (I’ve pinned it for you in our Angkor Map above for Day 0)

Where to buy tickets to Angkor Wat I Siem Reap

I guess, the easiest option is to get a tuk-tuk there, as every tuk-tuk driver in Siem Reap will know the way there. The tickets get sold daily from 4.45 pm and you will have free entrance the same day from 5 pm. So make sure to be the first in line 😉
Check which line you have to stand in. There are different lines depending on how many days you want to explore Angkor. (The most common is one or three days but there is also a seven days option for $72)


There are different possibilities in order to get from Siem Reap to Angkor and to get from temple to temple.


The probably most comfortable option is to take a tuk-tuk. The driver knows the way and most probably also knows some facts about the temples that you didn’t know before. You can choose between the small and big day tour. Or you can plan your own trip as well, of course.

tuk tuk I Angkor Wat I Siem Reap

We decided to go to buy the ticket and afterwards to see the sunset in Angkor by tuk-tuk. For the first day of our Angkor 3 days tour, we as well chose to go by tuk-tuk. We preferred the small tour as we would have enough time the next days to see the other temples as well.

We got to know our driver Mr. Chan actually while having lunch in the same restaurant. We started talking about learning Spanish. And we liked him immediately. And when he mentioned that he is a tuk-tuk driver we really wanted to do the tour with him. Doing the tour with him was amazing. Unlike many other drivers, he speaks fluently English and even Spanish! And he knows a lot about Angkor and its temples. He could give us so many information and facts about each of the temples and of course the history of Angkor. And most importantly he could answer all of our questions. (We had a lot of questions!) It was just the perfect Angkor tour. 
His big dream is to build a school and a library in his little village to assure a better life for his daughter. (We were able to meet her two days later and she is just adorable)

So if you are planning a tour through Angkor don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Chan either here on facebook or under +855 12 981 681. This way you will have a great trip and help him build a better future for his children. That’s win-win, don’t you think?


Everywhere around Siem Reap you can rent motorcycles and motorbikes in order to get to Angkor and around there.
Driving yourself will provide you a lot of flexibility, so you don’t have to look for your driver after every temple. (Just don’t forget where you parked your cycle 😉 )

motorcycle I Angkor I Siem Reap I Kambodscha

For the second and third day of our Angkor Tour, we rented a motorcycle to get around. After going by tuk-tuk the first day we already got to know the streets a little bit. Which made it easier to go around.
The streets of Siem Reap and Angkor have much better quality than the rest of the country. You might just need some minutes to get used to the busy traffic in Siem Reap.


An alternative might be to go by bike through Angkor. But keep in mind that some of the temples are kinda far off the track. So it might get a little exhausting. And also keep in mind how hot the days in Cambodia can get. If you choose the bike anyway you earn my full respect!

Your first time in Cambodia?

Find here everything you need to know before visiting Cambodia.

Day O

The first half day of our tour, let’s just call it day O, we met our driver Mr. Chan around 04.15pm in front of our accommodation. From there we drove to the building in which you can buy the entrance tickets to Angkor. After we finally purchased our tickets and our photos have been printed on it we could finally start to discover amazing Angkor. Our destination was Phnom Bakheng in order to see the sunset from there. Mr. Chan explained to us pros and cons of the different sunset view points. On our way, we could take a first glance at Angkor Wat and were deeply impressed. It’s surely something that you don’t see every day.

Sunset on the Phnom Bakheng

You can get up the Phnom Bakheng either by foot or ride on an elephant. (Please, please, don’t be that guy. It’s really bad for the animals to carry humans in that way!)
After we arrived uphill we had to realize we were surely not the only ones with the idea of getting here for sunset. And on top of the hill was only certain number of people allowed. So we had to stand in line until enough people would come down in order for us to get up. After some time it got clear though that most people up there were also waiting for the sunset.

But in the end, there were too many clouds coming up. So no one would be able to see a nice sunset. Therefore, suddenly a big bunch of people came downstairs allowing us to finally get upstairs.

Angkor Wat I Sunset I Siem Reap

And we could even see the rest of the sunset. Or let’s rather call it of the sun setting into a big bunch of clouds.
Anyway, it was nice to see.
Although the complex is not worth standing in line for such a long time during normal daylight, it is totally worth it for sunset. (In high season you might get much higher chances for a beautiful sunset)

Day 1 of our Angkor 3 Days tour

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Kambodscha

Angkor Wat Facts

  • Dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu
  • Built between 1113 and 1150
  • Due to missing recordings, the original name of the temple remains unknown
  • 1,3 x 1,5 km area
  • The highest tower is 65 meters high
  • The holes that you can find everywhere in the stones were used to carry around the stones with sticks

A visit to Angkor Wat

We arrived Angkor Wat on day 1 around 5 am. Still being a little sleepy the sudden glance at rising sun above the towers of Angkor woke us up immediately. Now we had to be fast. Our driver Mr. Chan accompanied us up to the moat that surrounds Angkor Wat. Many visitors were already waiting around here, cameras, phones and selfie sticks everywhere pointing towards this magnificent act of nature.
Mr. Chan explained to us that we could take even better pictures from inside the temple complex. And he was right.

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

The towers of Angkor Wat got reflected by the pond which you could find in front of the huge temple.
Don’t worry, you can not oversee it. Most probably you will find it behind the big crowd of tourists trying to get the perfect picture. Some of them even walked until they were knee deep in the water just to get the perfect shot. We managed it to take a nice picture even without getting our feet wet. (At this point a big thank you to the small Chinese girl in front of us 😉 ) Anyway, I believe that no picture will ever be as beautiful as seeing it with your own eyes. It is just mesmerizing.

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

As soon as the sun rose you should try to get inside as fast as possible before the masses follow.

Crowd I Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia
This is how it looks like as soon as the sun has risen

You will find that despite the early hour the narrow hallways of Angkor Wat are already full of visitors.

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

However, the benefit is the size of the complex. Even though a huge amount of people is walking around, you will most likely don’t perceive it as being overcrowded. (Note: please keep in mind that we were traveling during raining season. I can’t promise anything for high season)

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

By the way, it is not unlikely that you will meet a monkey while exploring Angkor Wat or another temple of the Angkor temple complex. Be careful in case you are having food with you. The monkeys are used to humans and don’t hesitate to try to steal your food.

Affe I Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia
Who is brave enough to walk by?


Monkey I Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia
After attacking people it’s time to relax 😉

Angkor Wat is just remarkable. We totally forgot the time while wandering around the temple ruins. I guess we have spent several hours around. Behind every corner, you can find new details.

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

But keep in mind to bring comfortable shoes (I have seen girls in high heels!) There are so many steps to take and you will have to get up and down a lot. The temple complex is huge.

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

All in all, Angkor Wat was amazing. Anyway, in the end, it didn’t make it as our favorite temple in the park though.

Angkor Wat I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Bayon Temple

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Bayon Facts

  • Faces representing Bodhisattva Lokeshvara l
  • Buddhist Temple
  • The construction started in the 12. Century
  • Main temple of the capital Angkor Thom

A visit in Bayon, Angkor Thom

Bayon immediately mesmerized us and became my favorite temple in Angkor.

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

The towers with faces were simply amazing. Isn’t it unbelievable that all these details remained over so many years?

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Unfortunately, we were not the only ones being captivated by this unique sight. The Bayon was full of visitors walking around and taking pictures.

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

But since we just booked the small tour for the first day we had enough time to spend around waiting for one big group of people to leave. Thus, we could use this few rare minutes before the next bus of tourist arrived to take some awesome pictures.

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

It hasn’t been easy but our pictures prove it was absolutely worth waiting.

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Bayon I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Preah Ang Tang To Pagoda and others Temple I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

A little bit hidden you can find a lot of small temples around the whole complex. So it’s worth it to just get lost a little. We found those temples around Angkor Thom.

Temple I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

In case you chose Mr. Chan as your driver, he can exactly tell you where to find those little-hidden treasures.

Temple I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia
I cannot go home without a typical girly pose like that, right? 😉

Just walk around a little to find these amazing temples away from the crowds. 

Temple I Angkor Thom I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider Tempel)

Ta Prohm temple I Thomb Raider I Angkor I Siem Reap I Cambodia

Since Angelina Jolie ran around this temple in the worldwide known Tomb Raider movie Angkor and its Ta Prohm temple earned a lot of publicity. For Eduardo, this temple became his absolutely favorite around Angkor. 

Ta Prohm temple I Thomb Raider I Angkor I Siem Reap I Cambodia

With its contorted aisles and huge trees that are growing out of the walls within the temple complex, it gives you the vibe of just having entered some kind of jungle labyrinth.

Ta Prohm temple I Thomb Raider I Angkor I Siem Reap I Cambodia

We totally lost track of time while we were exploring the hidden parts of the temple. It must have been around two hours that we’ve been wandering around. There was no other temple in which we took as many photos as in this one. 

Ta Prohm temple I Thomb Raider I Angkor I Siem Reap I Cambodia

The temple offers another breathtaking highlight in every corner. Just stunning! 

Ta Prohm temple I Thomb Raider I Angkor I Siem Reap I Cambodia
But why don’t you just go and see it for yourself? What an amazing combination of temple ruins and nature this temple offers. 

Part 2 of our Angkor Tour

If you wanna read about all the other amazing temples and get more information click here and find everything about our day 2 and 3 of our Angkor 3 days tour.

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Angkor Wat I Angkor Thom I Tomb Raider Temple I Cambodia I 3 Days Tour I Day One I once in a lifetime I Bucketlist I @vickiviaja

Angkor Wat I Angkor Thom I Tomb Raider Temple I Cambodia I 3 Days Tour I Day One I once in a lifetime I Bucketlist I @vickiviaja

Angkor Wat I Angkor Thom I Tomb Raider Temple I Cambodia I Three Days Tour I Day One I once in a lifetime I Bucketlist I @vickiviaja

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Angkor 3 Days Tour – Part 1 Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom & Ta Prohm
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