The best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days – The Ultimate Guide to Singapore

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As one of the most visited cities in the world, we highly recommend you to spend at least 3 days in Singapore.

Since we are not precisely big fans of big cities while we travel, we did not expect much from this famous city-state. But after we checked all the Must-dos in Singapore in 3 days, we totally fell in love with this city and realized that it is so different from other towns and from what we have expected.

In this 3 days Singapore itinerary, we’d like to share with you the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days for you not to miss any highlights.

In the following, you will find what to visit in Singapore in 3 days, our Singapore vacation costs, and many helpful travel tips for Singapore.

What to find out in this post

Singapore Facts

  • City-State
  • Area-wise smallest state of Southeast Asia
  • The highest cost of living worldwide
  • One of the 10 most visited cities in the world
  • Country of most diverse ethnic groups, especially Chinese (76.8%), Malays (13.8%) and Indians (7.9%)
  • Singapore has 4 official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil

The best travel time for Singapore

High season in Singapore

March – September

Low season in Singapore (rainy season)

October – February

How to get to Singapore

From Melaka / Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

If you are already “close by,” the easiest way to Singapore is by bus. Several providers operate several times a day between the Malaysian capital and the city-state of Singapore.

If you would like to get more information about prices, bus schedules, and tickets, have a look here.

From all over the world

From other places, the plane is probably the best option. Singapore has one of the most popular airports in the world – the Changi Airport, which plays an important role in international air traffic. So it happens that many travelers visit Singapore only as a transit destination. At the same time, this also means that you can find bargain flights from all over the world to Singapore.

You can also fly from Johor Bahru Airport. But note that this airport is located in Malaysia and not Singapore.

Have a look at the best flight deals to Singapore .

How to get from Changi Airport to the Singapore City Center

By Bus

The cheapest option to get from Changi Airport to downtown Singapore is the public bus. The bus leaves from Basement Bus Bay from Terminal 1, 2 & 3. From Terminal 4, you can find the bus stop next to the Car Park or the Inflight Catering Center.

There are various buses that take you directly to the center several times an hour. You can find the exact numbers on the official Website of the Changi Airports.

By train

In addition to the bus, you also have the option of getting to the city center by train. The trains leave the airport at the MRT station. Depending on where your accommodation is located within Singapore, a different connection is necessary.

To look up connections online, you can easily use the SMRT Journey Planner.

By Taxi

If you don’t like to use public transport, you can, of course, also take a taxi to the city center. Singapore is usually a very safe city and taxi drivers use taximeters so you’ll most probably end up paying a fair price.

Calculate, depending on where your accommodation is and depending on the traffic times, about 30 minutes drive and between $ 20 – 40 SGD.

How to get around

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get around Singapore is by metro. The metro, which is called MRT, is modern and brings you (almost) everywhere.

Top Saving Tip: If you are planning to discover Singapore in three days or more, it’s definitely worth it to purchase a rechargeable SmartCard. These can be bought in all stations, as well as in 7-eleven shops. Another option is a tourist day pass.

Another possibility to get around Singapore is the bus.

Singapore Vacation Costs – Singapore on a Budget

We decided to visit Singapore in 3 days, which is considered one of the most expensive places in the world as part of our 6-month Southeast Asia trip on a small budget.

In total, we spent € 59.61 (ca. $ 68.95) per person for 3 ½ days per person. That corresponds to 17.03 € (ca. $19.70) per day.

As our accommodation, we chose Couchsurfing. Using this amazing platform not only helps our budget but also helped us to get to know super lovely and helpful locals and to look at life in Singapore from a less touristy side.

But there are also budget accommodations in Singapore. More about this at the end of this post.

For the transport, we paid an average of 6.11 € (ca. $7.07) per day. We bought a rechargeable SmartCard on the first day.

For admissions and spontaneous purchases, we needed an average of 5.11 € (ca. $5.91) per day.

For water, we only paid around 0.31 € (ca. $0,36) a day, as the tap water in Singapore is drinkable and so we could fill our bottles for free.

On average, we paid between 1.77 (ca. $2.05) (lunch) and  € 3.75 (ca. $4.35) (dinner) per meal.

Author’s note: Of course we spent the money in Singapore Dollars. Our expenditures are given here for convenience in Euro & USD. The conversion rate of SGD to Euro is the one at the time of our stay (1 SGD = 0,73 USD)

Singapore Travel Tips

Before we explain what to see in Singapore in 3 days, we would like to give you some more Singapore tips.

Chewing gum is illegal here

Anyone who violates this must expect high penalties.

Smoking is not welcome here

Smoking outside the designated areas is also illegal in Singapore.

English is the official language – make use of that and meet locals

Singapore is full of great people, and communication is so comfortable here. How about Couchsurfing, for example? Because of its language, the city is also popular with international students. Moreover, it’s also a great idea to live in Singapore as a digital nomad.

Best Places to see in Singapore in 3 days

Singapore Skyline, green, Singapore in 3 days
The skyline of Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country/ city, and there are many unique things to do. In the following, you can find the best attractions.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 3-tower building

MRT Station: Bayfront Station, Exit C & D

One must-see and definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Singapore in 3 days is the Marina Bay Sands, which is considered one of the city’s landmarks. Although the famous building was built in 2010, it is already an integral part of Singapore’s skyline and attracts thousands of tourists every day.

Marina Bay Sands is a 20-acre resort that consists of a casino, a hotel, a shopping mall, various museums, bars, clubs, two theaters, exhibition and conference rooms, and two floating pavilions.

On the roof of the 191-meter high hotel towers, is a roof garden, the so-called Sands SkyPark, as well as the world-famous infinity pool.

The infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands

Probably the most famous infinity pool in the world. While bathing here, you can experience an absolutely unique view of Singapore.

However, this incredible experience is reserved for hotel guests at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel only. A night here is definitely an experience you will not forget so quickly.

Find further information, prices, and availability of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel here.

The Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

Marina Bay Sands Hotel by night, purple lights

Opening hours: 09.30 am – 10.00 pm; Friday – Sunday: 09.30 am – 11.00 pm

Entrance Fee: $ 23 SGD (about € 15.50/$16.60)

Top Tip: In any case, buy your ticket online in advance to get it cheaper (ca. € 14.16) & skip the line. You can find tickets here.

In addition to the Infinity Pool, which is reserved for hotel guests, visitors who are not staying at the hotel can use the Observation Deck to enjoy incredible views of Singapore.

Singapore Top Tip: Those who don’t want to pay the high admission fee can go up to the bar for free and also enjoy the view if you order something. Even if the drinks can be quite pricey, at least you have a drink while enjoying the outlook for the same price.

Spectra – The Lightshow at Marina Bay Sands

spectra Light and Water show at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Times: 08.00 pm & 09.00 pm + Fridays & Saturdays 10.00 pm

Every evening a light and water show takes place at Marina Sands Bay. Accompanied by music and by the water fountains, it is an absolute must-do for every Singapore 3 days trip.

There are two great places where you can see the show best.

From Merlion Park

Singapore Merlion, Marina Sands Bay, View
View from the Merlion Park at Marina Sands Bay

If you look at the Marina Bay Sands light show near Merlion Park, you’ll have a much better view of the lights and can take stunning photos. The big downside is that the music and water show from here are severely noticeable.

From Marina Bay Sands

Another option is to watch the show from Marina Bay Sands. Be sure to arrive on time and take a seat in front of the mall entrance. The disadvantage here is the many people who often block your view.

The Merlion

Merlion Statue, Fountain, 3 days in Singapore

MRT Station: Raffles Place, Exit G

Another highlight of the best things to do in Singapore in 3 days is visiting the Merlion. The Merlion is both a landmark and a patron saint of the city. The name is composed of the English words Mermaid and Lion.

Accordingly, this mythical creature adorning the Merlion Fountain is a mixture of lion and fish. The lion symbolizes strength, whereas the fish body represents Singapore’s attachment to the sea.

Singapore Flyer – The Singapore Ferris Wheel

Singapore Flyer, Ferries Wheel, group, green, Singapore Skyline
View of the Singapore Flyer

Opening hours: 08.30 am – 10.30 pm

Entrance Fee: from $ 33 SGD (about 21 €/ $ 24)

MRT Station: Promenade Station, Exit A

Another great place to visit in Singapore is the Singapore Flyer. It is currently the second-largest Ferris wheel in the world (Number 1 is in Las Vegas). From 2008 to 2014, it was even the largest in the world.

At the highest point of the orbit, you hover 165 meters above the ground.

If you don’t mind spending some money, you can even rent a private capsule for a high-altitude dinner. Find all further information about this particular experience here.

If you do not want to spend that much money but are still looking for a complete romantic experience, you can also book a premium champagne tour. All information and prices can be found here.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay, Super Trees, Skywalk, Singapore highlights

MRT Station: Bayfront Station, Exit A

The Gardens by the Bay is a 101-acre park that has become one of Singapore’s main attractions and one of the top places to visit in Singapore.

To date, more than one million plants have been admired by over 40 million visitors to the Bay Gardens.

SuperTree Grove

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Super Trees, Super Groove

Opening hours: 05.00 am – 02.00 am

Entrance fee: free admission

Super Trees are just amazing. From a distance already, they are hard to miss.

There are 12 of these supertrees in the park, with 6 of them standing together in one spot. The Super Trees are home to more than 162,900 plants from more than 200 species. The Super Trees not only make Singapore a bit greener and more beautiful, but they also contain photovoltaic systems that help strengthen the sustainability of this city-state.

OCBC Skyway

OSBC Skyway, Super Trees in the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
A unique experience even when it’s dark

Opening hours: 09.00 am – 09.00 pm

Entrance fee: SGD 8 (about € 5/ $5.80) Or cheaper when purchasing a combined ticket. Check the different options here.

If you like, you can drive up to the OCBC Skyway to catch a glimpse of the park and its Super Trees from a different perspective.

Zoomed into the Singapore super trees, marina sands in the background
View on Singapore’s Skyline from the OSBC Skyway

The 128-meter walkway is 22 meters high and connects some of the Super Trees. In our opinion, the entrance to this truly unique Singapore highlight is worthwhile and one of the best places to visit around Singapore.

Garden Rhapsody Light Show

Times: Daily 07.45 pm – 08.45 pm

Entrance Fee: Free admission

Just sit on the grass next to the Super Trees and enjoy this unique light show with music. Definitely, one of my Singapore highlights. If you fancy for a small pre-taste, have a look at the following video.

Flower Dome

Flower Dome, Singapur, Gardens by the Bay

Opening hours: 09.00 am – 09.00 pm

Entrance Fee: $ 28 SGD (about € 17.60/ $ 20.30) for 2 greenhouses. Or cheaper when purchasing a combined ticket. Check the different options here.

The Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay is the world’s largest greenhouse. On an area of 1.2 hectares, you will find plants from all over the world: From Mediterranean plants to exotic plants from Australia.

At a pleasant 23-25 degrees (Celsius), you can discover in this area a colorful flora in the middle of Singapore.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Foret, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Opening hours: 9 am – 9 pm

Entrance Fee: $ 28 SGD (about € 17.60/ $ 20.30) for 2 greenhouses. Or cheaper when purchasing a combined ticket. Check the different options here.

The Cloud Forest is a 35-meter-high mountain located within a 0.8-hectare building.

Again, you will find a large selection of rare and unusual plant species. Some of them you can see in the wild only from 2000 meters altitude.


Chinatown Singapore, Chinese Lanterns, Singapore 3 days Tour

MRT Station: Chinatown

If you stroll through Chinatown in Singapore, you might almost think you have landed in China. Not a surprise considering that nowadays, Chinese are the largest ethnic group in Singapore. Thus, Chinese culture is deeply rooted in Singapore.

You should not have left Singapore without tasting one of the delicious Chinese dishes or snacks offered here. Just walk through the Food Street and try whatever catches your interest.

In Chinatown, you will also find the Sri Mariamman Temple. Although it is located in Chinatown, it is a Hindu temple built by former Indian residents.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore Guide, Buddhist

Opening hours: 07.00 am -07.00 pm

Entrance Fee: Free admission

When visiting Chinatown, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Built in 2007, this temple is said to house a tooth of Buddha. However, the room in which it is located cannot be entered by visitors. A visit here is still worthwhile, because, if not a tooth, there are all kinds of other attractions, such as dozens of little Buddha statues.

Michelin Restaurant – Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken & Noodle, Singapore, Michelin Star
The restaurant is located on the left-hand side

Where: Chinatown Food Complex

Another thing you will find a lot when visiting Singapore is terrific food. We loved discovering the local dishes in food courts. But how about a meal that has been awarded a Michelin star? And before you think now, “This is way too expensive for me,” this is the cheapest dish that has been awarded this prize. It costs just under 2 Singapore dollars.

Of course, we had to try that, too. Unfortunately, the stall was already closed when we arrived there at the typical Spanish lunch-time because all supplies were used up for the day. However, helpful locals pointed out that in the neighboring street, a restaurant of the same owner had been opened offering the same dish. So we could finally try. And it was not bad at all.

Top Tip: Don’t be late to try the dish.

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa, Bizare Park in Singapore

Opening hours: 09.00 am – 07.00 pm

Entrance Fee: Free admission

MRT Station: Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is probably the most bizarre attraction you can visit during your Singapore three days itinerary. It is a park depicting ancient Chinese fairy tales. At first glance, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon with the kids. If you take a more in-depth look, though, this is probably not the place that you want to bring your children to.

If you want to know more about Haw Par Villa, make sure to have a look at our Haw Par Villa Guide.

Little India

Little India, Singapore, colorful houses
The colorful houses in Little India

MRT Station: Little India

Little India is one of Singapore’s most colorful and exciting districts. There are music and authentic Indian food on every corner.

By 1840, this quarter was still predominantly occupied by European immigrants. However, more and more Indians moved into this district and built their temples and mosques here. Today, everything in this area is connected to the Indian culture and way of life. You should not leave Little India without tasting a Roti Prata or Mango Lassi.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay, Singapore, shopping district

MRT Station: Clarke Quay

If you want to go out or get to know the nightlife in Singapore, then Clarke Quay, CQ for short, is just the perfect place to go to. There are many bars, restaurants, and clubs along the banks of the Singapore River.

The road that leads you along the quay has the same name. There you will also find a mall.

This area is named after Singapore’s second governor, Andrew Clarke.

Singapore River, 3 days Singapore itinerary
Enjoying the river in Singapore

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore, Beach, Bridge

How to get there: Walk across Broadway from VivoCityMall (SGD 1); by car/taxi; Monorail of VivoCityMall (Level 3) (SGD 4); Gondola (SGD 33 or from € 15.77 if you book online before) by VivoCityMall (Level 3)

Tickets: Information, tickets, and prices for the best sights on Sentosa Island can be found here.

Sentosa Island is a small island just outside the city. It is mainly used as a resort for the locals of Singapore, but also for tourists. Besides, you will find many entertainment options here.

Sentosa Island, Cable Car, Sentosa Island, Singapore
You can get to Sentosa Island with this cable car

In addition to a beautiful beach, you will also find Universal Studios Singapore as well as the SEA Aquarium, the Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, and many other attractions.

Bugis & Arab Street (Kampong Glam)

Arab Street, Bugis Singapore, Sultan Mosque
The Sultan Mosque in Singapore

Opening hours: about 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

MRT Station: Bugis Junction, Exit B

In Bugis, you will find the largest market in Singapore with everything your heart desires. This area of Singapore is considered the best for finding a few bargains, especially for souvenirs. But even if you want to buy cheap clothes or accessories, this is the right place.

Right next to it is the Arab Street, also called Kampong Glam. Here you will find in addition to traditional textiles, especially delicious food. Another highlight is the Sultan Mosque, built in 1824, which is considered the largest mosque in Singapore.

Botanic Gardens Singapore

Botanical Garden Singapore, lake, flowers, sun

Opening Hours: 05.00 am – Midnight

Entrance Fee: Free admission

MRT Station: Botanic Gardens

Singapore is definitely the greenest big city I’ve ever seen. But still, there is nothing better than a stroll through a beautiful park or garden to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city for a while.

Way, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Bench, Flowers

In Singapore, it’s so easy. Just have a walk through the Botanic Gardens. The colors and smells here are just fantastic, and you could almost forget that you are actually in a massive city like Singapore.

Where to stay in Singapore

The best budget accommodation in Singapore

Rucksack Inn @ Lavender Street

This 2-star hostel offers air-conditioned rooms. The cheapest option is a bed in the mixed/female dorm. However, there are also affordable private rooms. Everyone staying in the dorm has a locker and a bedside lamp.

Moreover, there are laundry facilities, a fridge, and microwave, as well as an iron that can be used.

For more information, prices and availabilities, click here.

Best accommodation in Singapore in the middle price range

Hotel 1887, The New Opera House

This 3-star hotel is located in the Chinatown district of Singapore. They offer private rooms with a private bathroom. All rooms come with a desk and a flat-screen TV. There is also a laundry service and a co-working room available.

For more information, prices and availabilities, click here.

Best accommodation in Singapore in the upper price range

Marina Sands Bay Hotel

If you want to enjoy something special in Singapore, book your accommodation at the Marina Sands Bay Hotel. From this 5-star hotel, you can enjoy the perfect view of the Singapore skyline. The stay also includes the use of the World’s Largest Infinity Pool located on the roof and the Observatory.

All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle, tea, and slippers.

For more information, prices and availabilities, click here.

FAQ about Singapore

How many days to spend in Singapore?

Of course, that depends on how much you want to see in Singapore. We recommend spending at least 3 days in Singapore. You can also visit Singapore as a day trip from Malaysia or as a stopover on a long-haul flight.

How much does a trip to Singapore cost?

As always, it depends on your travel style. We visited Singapore on a very small budget and should be just under € 17/ $ 19 per person per day. However, the average traveler spends around € 105/ $ 115 a day.

Is it expensive to eat in Singapore?

Although Singapore is not a cheap city in itself compared to its neighbors, you can still find very affordable food options. Just take a look around the food courts and Hawkers. There you will find plenty of dishes from around € 2.

Is alcohol expensive in Singapore?

Alcohol in Singapore is expensive. Since there are high taxes on alcohol in Singapore, alcohol of any kind is quite expensive. If you are traveling on a small budget, you should think twice if you really want to order a beer for dinner.

What is prohibited in Singapore?

In addition to the usual prohibitions and rules, chewing gum, smoking on the street, jaywalking, and littering can be punished with high penalties.

Is tipping common in Singapore?

Tipping is usually not part of the culture in Singapore and is therefore not expected. Anyway, if you experience really good service, you can leave a little tip if you like.

What dishes are typical of Singapore?

Many cultures and therefore dishes come together in Singapore. Three of the city state’s most popular dishes include Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Chilli Crab.


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