Myanmar Backpacking – Important Myanmar Travel Tips & Info

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Myanmar is a wonderful country. But it was somehow really different from the other destinations that we visited along Southeast Asia. That’s why there are many things to know before going Myanmar Backpacking or on a simple Myanmar Trip. Not only the prices were different but also the Burmese locals behaved quite different towards us … Read more

Haw Par Villa Singapore – The bizarre Amusement Park

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Probably every child dreams of visiting Disney, meeting Mickey and Co., and spending a day full of fairy tales and adventures. Wouldn’t it be amazing to combine that with learning something useful for their lives? For Instance, learning about what punishment it will receive in his afterlife for every sin it commited while being alive?  … Read more

Your Ultimate Thailand Trip Cost – Thailand on a Budget – 50 Days for 750€

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Thailand is an amazing country and one of the most popular backpacker destinations worldwide. It’s known as the land of smiles for a reason. With its paradise-like beaches and natural outstanding natural beauty one might think it was an extraordinary expensive country to travel to. But that is wrong! Thailand can be absolutely affordable if you … Read more

Sai Yok National Park & Kanchanaburi – A Day Trip

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Not far from Bangkok you can find the cozy town Kanchanaburi. It is especially famous for its train bridge over the Kwai River, which is part of the so-called Death Railway.  Unfortunately, just very few people know the sad history behind this bridge and that its construction has cost many lives. I will tell you … Read more

Your Ultimate Bangkok Itinerary 5 Days – An authentic Budget-Friendly Guide

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Bangkok is one of the most famous metropolia in the world. In 2013, this town even was the most visited in the world, with 17 million tourists. (Since then, you can find it on the second place most of the time, right after London) Besides around 400 temples and impressive palaces and buildings, you will … Read more

The Best Things to do in Koh Chang – Island on the Gulf of Thailand

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Koh Chang (also written Ko Chang) is one of many islands in Thailand. But since it is not located in the South unlike many other Thai islands it often gets overseen by tourists. Instead, Koh Chang is located in the East of Thailand, near the boarder to Cambodia. Actually, it is a big pity many … Read more

Helpful & Important Things to know before going to Thailand

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Welcome to our Ultimate Things to know before going to Thailand-Guide. While staying in this beautiful country, we realized that there are some things we actually would have liked to know before visiting Thailand. That’s why we created a comprehensive list of things that can help you know more about the people, culture and customs … Read more

Cambodia on a Budget – One month for less than 400€

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Cambodia is an extraordinary beautiful country on absolutely one of my highlights of our backpacking tour through Southeast Asia. I can just highly recommend everyone to go and see this magnificent country for yourself. With this post, I want to show you that a trip to Cambodia on a budget can be quite simple by … Read more

Your Ultimate Angkor Wat Itinerary to the Teriffic Temples of Angkor

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Your Ultimate Angkor Wat Itinerary & Guide. Angkor is famous worldwide for its antique temple ruins. Often the UNESCO world heritage is wrongly called Angkor Wat, although Angkor Wat is just a small part of the huge temple grounds. (Well, small might sound a little weird considering Angkor Wat is known to be the biggest … Read more

From Battambang to Siem Reap by boat along the Tonle Sap

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After almost three weeks in wonderful Cambodia, it was finally time to go to Siem Reap, the most popular destination inside the country, worldwide known for its mesmerizing temple ruins of Angkor. This destination can’t obviously be missed on our journey. From Battambang there are different ways to get to Siem Reap.The longest and most pricey … Read more

Through Battambang by Bamboo Train – Destination Guide to Battambang, Cambodia

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Battambang is one of the destinations in Cambodia that still doesn’t get all the attention it deserves. We absolutely liked Battambang. The cozy city in the Western part of the country is primarily known for its bamboo train. (I will talk about it later in this post, don’t worry), but trust me there are other … Read more