1 Month Japan Cost – How to travel Japan on a Budget for under $1200

Tokio, Akihabara District, Japan Rundreise

Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows that traveling in Japan is anything but cheap. So often I have heard from people that they’d love to visit Japan but just don’t think it’s affordable for them to go. Anyway, traveling Japan on a Budget is actually not that difficult if you keep a few … Read more

Otres Beach 2 – Destination Guide and our Misadventures in Cambodia

Otres Beach 2 Sihanoukville Destination and Misadventures vickiviaja

Sihanoukville is probably the most popular beach destination in Cambodia. It is famous for its parties and atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday you might prefer Otres Beach. Officially, Otres Beach still belongs to Sihanoukville. But besides the distance of around 7 km to Otres Beach 2, those destinations are just … Read more

The best things to do in Kampot, Cambodia – A Highlight in the South of Cambodia

best things to do in Kampot, Cambodia

The South of Cambodia was clearly one of our main highlights during our trip through this beautiful country. Especially Kampot, we will forever hold as an extremely positive memory. Although the actual plan was to just stay there for one night, in the end, we spent around four days around. We just loved it.  In … Read more

Terrific Bokor National Park Cambodia – Your Ultimate Guide

monks bokor national park cambodia

The Bokor National Park, also called Phnom Bokor National Park, is located around 20 km from Kampot in the South of Cambodia. It is famous for its pure and beautiful nature and the Bokor Mountain. If you visit the area around, I cannot recommend you enough to go see this stunning place for yourself. If … Read more

Top 10 Things to see in Phnom Penh – The ultimate Guide

Top 10 Things to see in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh (I know the Phnom Penh Pronunciation is not easy. I will tell you about this in the Section Phnom Penh Facts) is not only the capital of Cambodia but also the home of many cultural highlights of this wonderful country. Moreover, you can get a really detailed inside of the cruel history of … Read more

Cambodia Travel Tips – Important Things to know before going to Cambodia

Things to know before going to Cambodia, Cambodia Travel Tips, Angkor Wat

Cambodia is just an amazingly beautiful country. And if someone would have told me five years ago that I would be backpacking around here for one month, I would have probably never believed it. I am still trying to organize all these impressions from four weeks in Cambodia. Not as easy as it may seem. It’s … Read more

The most common Scams in Vietnam and how to avoid them

scams in Ho Chi Minh vicki viaja

The more tourist a place has, the more scammers, pickpockets or tourist trips you will probably find. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that, nowadays, with the rising amount of tourists, also the number of scams in Vietnam taking place every day is drastically increasing. Here you can find, two scams they have tried on us … Read more

Miyajima Itinerary – Your Guide to a fantastic Miyajima Day Trip from Hiroshima

Miyajima Japan, Schreininsel Tagesausflug

Let’s play a game. Think about a typical landmark in Japan…I guess many of you have just thought about this typical orange Torii (Japanese gate) that seems to be floating in the water. Does it ring a bell? Well, this Torii is called the Itsukushima Shrine and is located on Miyajima Island right outside the … Read more