My Hotel Internship in Maldives

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A Hotel internship abroad is the perfect way to get to know a foreign country without spending much money, or even get paid for doing so. In another post I’ve already talked about the benefits and drawbacks of internships abroad. Here I wanna talk about my own experiences.

About my hotel internship in Maldives

Duration: three months

Found: by an agency

Costs: ca. 900€ (without flights)

Compensation: ca. 120€/month + accommodation, catering + medical care


After I haven’t gotten any answer to my numerous applications and since I got some good memories from the other agency I decided to give it another try letting an agency organize my internship.

The agency I chose I found due to my university. Even though they told me that so far none of my fellow students have made experiences with this agency, but it was shown on TV before and therefore probably trustworthy.

Short after I made a request for my dream internship for Hotel marketing in Maldives, the boss herself called me and told me about her own experiences with Maldives and Dubai.

I felt like she gave me good advice but somehow it felt like she tried to push me into changing my mind and going to Dubai instead as I never asked her about Dubai in the first place.

Anyway, she told me that an internship in Marketing for a duration of three months wasn’t possible but anyway she would try her best to find a similar position.

After organizing everything and a job interview on skype and being accepted by the hotel I finally got sent the internship contract just to find out it said “Guest relation”.

A little worried I asked the agency for help but she calmed me down saying that this was only how they call it there. My internship would take place in a similar position to sales. Even though her explanation sounded a bit weird to me I believed her and signed the contract.

To get all the information about my arrival and the visa I felt a little left alone as the hotel usually took up to weeks to get back to me and the agency often just asked me to get in touch with the hotel.

As around three weeks before my departure I still haven’t received my visa papers I contacted the agency again just to make sure that everything was fine.

But what she responded was actually everything else but fine: Probably they had forgotten about my arrival papers and no one got back to her either from the hotel, the same recently has happened to another intern.

And without even asking whether I would be interested she told me to resend her my CV and she would get me a spontaneous internship in Dubai.

Anyway, two days later I finally got response from Maldives that they were working on my papers and would get back to me shortly.

Around 14 days before my flight finally I received the necessary papers by email. Looking through the email they said they had to write into the papers that I’d be working in front office but I shouldn’t worry as I’d be working in recreation team as they have confirmed before.

However, around one week before leaving to Maldives I got another email saying that they confused me with another intern. I should ignore the last email as I would be working in front office.

Telling the agency those bad news suddenly she reacted really rude telling me she’d never promised me anything and I just wouldn’t have an idea of how hotels work. (I just finished a class about hotel management in my University)

During my stay in Maldives


From my first day on I tried to change my department into the recreation one because I was scared that my university might not acknowledge an internship only completed in front office.

However, my colleagues were all really nice and when my working schedule fit the meals times I was allowed to eat in the tourist restaurant. (if not I could eat in the canteen).

Besides a 48-hours schedule per week (6 days a week) I usually found time every day that I could spend on the amazing white beach enjoying the perfect Maldivian weather.

I was accommodated in a room that I shared with five other female interns (two other Germans, one Austrian and two local girls).

The European girls all had been there with the same agency and all kinda had the same troubles with her before coming.

One girl had to leave in the end just after half of the time she was actually supposed to stay there because she didn’t have the time she needed to prepare her bachelor thesis as she was promised by the agency beforehand.

What did we do in our time off?

Our off time from work we could spend in the staff area which was located in the middle of the island. It included a little gym, a billiard room, a kiosk, a little restaurant, some tables and places to sit, as well as a room with playstation and karaoke machine.

Moreover, there was a staff ferry going three times a day to Malé and back, so you could spend your free day/night in Malé doing some shopping or have a drink. (alcohol free of course, as alcohol is only allowed on tourist islands)

Once a month they organized a trip to another island for the departments Front Office and Recreation, in which we visited another island resort to drink and party together.

Working in Front Office… or not working at all

The work in Front Office was interesting in the beginning, but sadly there wasn’t enough work for all of us because besides me there were four more trainees.

Anyway, when German guests arrived usually I was allowed to do the check in for them, especially when they weren’t able to speak English.

During my last month in Maldives I was finally allowed to change into the Recreation department.

Usually, there was a lot more to do. Once a day you could guide one of the trips that was offered like island hopping or dolphin tours.

My last week anyway, I suddenly had to work in the reception of the gym for whatever reason. I used to sit alone during most of my shift, answering the phone and provided towels to one of the few guests that went to gym in the hot weather of Maldives.

Most of my time I spent with learning vocabularies preparing for future life in Spain that would start right after my return.

In Conclusion

In General, I had a nice time in the Maldives and it was a pleasant experience and obviously, the island was amazingly beautiful.

However, the internship itself was not as professional as I would have expected it from such an agency.

During my stay, I didn’t receive any message of her asking whether I was fine and everything was how I expected it to be. (Well, obviously, it wasn’t. Probably that’s why she didn’t ask)

If you wanna do such an internship to stay in the Maldives for a long time for a small price I can recommend this experience. But if you are looking for a professional internship and want to gain experience that you could be using in your future carrier, you should definitely be looking for an internship yourself and not with an agency. (at least not this agency)

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      • Hello i would like to do hotel internship at maldives could you please help me we are 8 students from kerala… My number is 9061058827

        • Hi Manu Paul,

          Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I can’t call you, but I’ve send you an e-mail with some tips about how to apply for an internship. Good luck! 🙂

  1. Hello I would like to know the procedure for Applying Internship in Maldives can you please help me with this

    • Hi Suman,

      Thanks for your comment. I had a working visa. I entered with the invitation letter from my work and had to get my working visa on-site. I did not have nor apply for a stipend.

  2. Hi Vicki
    I would like to know that what are the process for apply for industrial tranning.
    Is there is any interviews.
    Can I apply for food production department.

    • Hi Jatin,

      I haven’t applied for any industrial training, so, unfortunately, I can’t answer your question. Maybe you can just call the place you would like to apply to and ask whether they offer industrial training for the food production department? Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hey ..i am manuveg shelly & i want to do industrial training from maldives for 6 months and i wanna work in all 4 departments of hotel ..please do tell me the overall procedure i would be very thankful if i get to know all from you ..please ..

    Thanking you

  4. Hi Vicki,
    I enjoyed your post! I am interested in applying for a hotel internship in Maldives too, could you kindly advise me on how to do so? Thank you!

  5. hello,
    I would like to apply for hotel Internship for 6 months can you please assist me with the details step please…

  6. Hi !
    I Am Binita. I am interested in applying for a hotel internship for 3 or 6 months in Maldives . could you kindly advise me on how to do so? Thank you!

  7. hi !
    I recently completed my degree course in hotel management and look for job or internship abroad so can you please let me know the agency name and the procedure for applying ? Thank you.

    • Hi Aniket,

      I really can’t recommend applying to the same agency as I did. Why don’t you apply directly to the hotels or resorts in the Maldives that are suitable for you? Good luck!

  8. Hello Vicki, thanks for sharing your Maldives journey, I am interested to look for culinary internship in Maldives, any advise would be appreciated. 🙂

  9. Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for your sharing. I’ve been searching for informations for having internship in Maldives but it’s quite hard to find. Your blog helps me a lot. Do you mind to share some tips and information of the procedures for applying internship in Maldives ? Thankyou

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    Could you help me out by giving me the procedure and a few guidelines on how to move ahead?
    It would help a lot. Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi, dear Vicky! Its pitty to hear you met not very professional agency. But to go straight to the hotels not very easy too. They usually answer reluctantly or doesnt reply(( so may i ask you to send me an email with tips or advice how to apply for internship?

  13. Hey Vicky
    Can you please help me or tell me about the procedure for internship in particularly food production in Maldives as I have to go for my internship in month of October

    • Hi Priyank,

      I haven’t done my internship in food production, so I am not sure. I’d say look for companies online and send them an application including a letter of why you want to work with them (mention what you like about the company and not something along the lines of “I want to work in the Maldives”) and your CV. If they have a number on their website, you could also call and ask whether they take interns first before sending an application. Anyway, your application should mention everything you bring that could be benefiting (special education, work experiences, languages etc.) Good luck, let me know how it went 🙂


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