Maungmagan Beach Dawei & Other Amazing Dawei Beaches, South Myanmar

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Maungmagan Beach, Dawei, in the South of Myanmar was a true surprise for us. We were actually just expecting the Southeast Asian paradise-beaches in the South of Thailand and were excited to see that the Dawei Beaches, in South Myanmar, are absolutely beautiful as well.

The most famous of those paradise beaches near Dawei, Myanmar and one of the best beaches in Myanmar in general, is the Maungmagan Beach.

In the following, I want to tell you more about the Dawei, Myanmar Beaches, especially the Maungmagan Beach, for your ultimate Southern Myanmar Travel experience.


Dawei is a dreamy little port town in the South of Myanmar. This part of the country just opened recently for tourists and is therefore, still a great destination if you are looking for an off the beaten path experience.

Dawei Facts

Myanmar locals, women, Dawei

  • The actual name is Tavoy
  • Used to be a kingdom that was often fought by Burma and Siam (Former Thailand)
  • 1989 renamed to Dawei
  • One of the three wettest lowland tropical regions in the world

Where is Dawei?

Where is Dawei, Myanmar Map
Quelle: Google Maps

Best time to visit Dawei?

Best travel time

Mid October – February

Hot Temperatures in Dawei

March – May

Rainy Season in Dawei

June – September

How to get to Dawei

Maungmagan Beach, Local Beach, Myanmar, Dawei

Getting to Dawei by bus

If you are already inside the country, you might want to take a bus. Anyway, the roads leading to Dawei aren’t in a really good condition yet as the South of Myanmar just recently opened for tourism. The easiest option to book public transport in Southeast Asia online is 12Go Asia.

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Getting to Dawei by plane

Another option to get to Dawei that doesn’t involve traveling by road is getting there by plane. You can take planes to Dawei from either Yangon or Bangkok. Check for the best flight deals with Kiwi.

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How to get to the Beaches around Dawei

Road to the Dawei Beaches, in South Myanmar

One option to get to Maungmagan or the other Dawei Beaches is to rent a motorcycle and drive there by yourself. The condition of the roads leading to Maungmagan Beach is quite good, so, driving there is not that complicated. Anyway, the roads leading to the other beaches around Dawei are pretty bad and therefore, we don’t recommend going there by yourself.

road to dawei beaches, poor condition

Another option to get there is to go by (Motorcycle) Taxi or tuk-tuk. Ask in your accommodation about prices and recommendations. They are happy to help you.

Maungmagan Beach, Dawei

Maungmagan Beach, Dawei, Myanmar, pines

Maungmagan Beach, Myanmar and the Ngapali Beach are the most popular and famous Myanmar Beaches. The Maungmagan is located around 12 km from Dawei and is therefore, the nearest beach from the harbor town. The name Maungmagan Beach can roughly be translated to “the beach where the emperor’s concubines bath”. It became popular during the first dynasty of Burma. Moreover, it used to be a famous place during the English colonial period.

Dawei Beaches, Maungmagan, Myanmar

Nowadays, this beach is still a place well-visited by locals. Especially during the weekends, many Burmese families come here to spend their free time. Therefore, if you would like to visit this stunning beach you might want to get here during weekdays to enjoy the beach all by yourself.

Pine trees Dawei Beach. Maungmagan, Myanmar South

The Maungmagan Beach is not the typical palm-tree beach that you might have in mind when thinking about Southeast Asian blissful beaches. Here, you can find mostly pine trees around. However, this doesn’t make this beach less beautiful. The crystal-clear water, as well as the white sand, are simply stunning.

Burmese Food, Maungmagan Beach, Myanmar

After enjoying the beach and the sea, there are a bunch of restaurants waiting for you to enjoy some fresh seafood and typical Burmese food and the amazing view over the beach. If you aren’t satisfied yet you can have a relaxing nap in one of the hammocks offered along the beach.

Beach, Dawei, Maungmagan Beach

Maungmagan is amazing Dawei Myanmar Beach for a half-day or day-trip. However, if you are looking for a true paradisiacal beach, you might want to check out one of the other beaches around Dawei as well.

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Other Dawei Beaches

Nabule Beach

The Nabule Beach can be hard to find as it is a little bit hidden. It’s located about 18 km North of Maungmagan Beach. But after arriving here, it is absolutely worth it as you will most probably not find anyone else at this beach besides some little shops.

The beach consists of deep yellow sand and is a perfect place to relax.

San Maria Bay

San Maria Bay is about an 45 Minutes drive from the Maungmagan Beach. Getting here is way more complicated than getting to Maungmagan Beach and the condition of the roads is poor. You can find the San Maria Bay when driving from the Maungmagan Beach when driving in the direction of the Myawwyik Pagoda which is quite famous in the area.

The San Maria Bay is a gorgeous beach providing the ultimate paradise-feeling and you will most probably not find anyone else there.

Teyzit Beach

Another beach which is said to be the most beautiful of the region is the Teyzit beach. It offers amazingly white sand and absolutely clear water. There is a little fishing village nearby, so, you can usually find a lot of local kids around here.

You even have the option to go to the little islands nearby by longtail boat.

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