Spend 2 Days in Luxembourg including Day trips from Luxembourg City

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Luxembourg is a small country that is part of the Benelux-Countries together with the Netherlands and Belgium. Luxembourg is bordering with France,  Belgium and Germany. The attractions in Luxembourg City as well as the day trips from Luxembourg City (Luxembourg tourist attractions within the country) are definitely worth it. Since the country is one of the smallest countries in Europe it is even perfect to just spend a weekend in Luxembourg as there are many beautiful places in Luxembourg.

In this article, you can find many interesting attractions in Luxembourg and points of interest in the City and Country.

Luxembourg Facts

  • Grand Duchy (Last Grand Duchy in Europe)
  • The richest country in Europe
  • National Language is Luxembourgish, while the official languages are Luxembourgish, French, and German
  • Member of the Benelux-Countries
  • Since 11.05.1867 (Second London Treaty) officially recognized as an independent country
  • Just ca. 590.670 Inhabitants (January 2017)
  • The Proportion of Foreigners is 47,7%
  • 2.586,4 km² Area

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Luxembourg Map

1. Luxembourg City                                      2. Vianden

3. Clervaux                                                     4. Diekirch

Best Time to visit Luxembourg

In general, there is not a “best time to visit Luxembourg” as every season offers different pros and cons.

Winter in Luxembourg

The winter is perfect for everyone that likes to discover the antique castles in Luxembourg looking like straight out of a Winter fairytale. Moreover, you can have amazing hikes in the snow-covered nature. But keep in mind that it will be cold.

Summer in Luxembourg

In summer, you can take long hikes and find a little cooling from the summer sun in the woods that are all over Luxembourg. Summer is also perfect for city trips. You can sit on the terraces downtown with a delicious Luxembourgish wine.

Spring and Fall in Luxembourg

The low-season is perfect for everyone looking for tranquility. There are fewer tourists in that season hiking through the woods. In general, you won’t find a lot of tourists in the country of Luxembourg (in the city there are always tourists, though). The big drawback of traveling in those seasons is that you can never really predict or rely on the weather. The weather can change within hours from snow to rain or from rain to sun.

The best Luxembourg Accommodation

If you know us you probably know that we prefer traveling by using Couchsurfing. We love to meet locals, get to know different cultures and ways of living. In Luxembourg, we were super lucky with our hosts as we got hosted by an absolutely sweet family.

If you prefer staying in a Hotel in Luxembourg or just sleeping in a traditional Luxembourg accommodation, the following accommodations might be perfect for you.

For the latest prices and availability just click on the Hotel name.

Best cheap accommodation Luxembourg

Youth Hostel Luxembourg 

You can find this modern Youth Hostel just 10 minutes walking from Place d’Armes. All dormitory-style rooms offer a table and some come with a view of the city.

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Best Hotels in Luxembourg

Aramis Studio

Being just a 15-Minutes drive from the airport, this private studio offers free wifi and AC. It also offers a TV, a kitchenette and a private bathroom. A washing machine is available in the common area.

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Campanile Hotel 

This 3-Star Hotel is located just 500 Meters from the Luxembourg airport and a 20-minutes ride from the city center. This Hotel offers soundproof rooms, a private bathroom as well as a free airport shuttle.

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The best luxury hotels in Luxembourg

Hotel Le Royal

This 5-Star Hotel offers elegantly-styled rooms, a wellness center (including fitness area, sauna, and hammam as well as beauty salon and massages)  as well as an indoor pool. You can find this accommodation just 450 meters from Place d’Armes.

All rooms come with Smart TV, AC and a private bathroom with bathtub.

In the Hotel, you can find two restaurants and a terrace.

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DoubleTree by Hilton Luxemburg

Located 4 km from Luxembourg’s city center, this 4-Star Hotel offers rooms with AC and views of the bordering forest.

Each room is equipped with modern décor, Satellite TV, pay-per-view-film, coffee, and tea tray such as a minibar. Each room offers a private bathroom.

The hotel comes with a bar and a restaurant and offers its guests a wellness area including an indoor pool, fitness area, and sauna.

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Best Tourist Apartments in Luxembourg

Residence Glacis

You can find this one-bedroom apartment about 12-minutes walking from Place d’Armes. It offers a mountain view and a kitchen with a dishwasher, and an oven, such as a TV, a bathroom with a shower and a washing machine.

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Stylish Flat Lux-City

Located around 2,4 km from the Notre Dame Cathedral, this apartment offers a garden. It can host up to four people.

This flat comes with one bedroom, a living room with flatscreen TV, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom.

24-Hour Front desk available.

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1. Attractions in Luxembourg – Things to do in Luxembourg City in one day

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City, Statue

Opening Hours Notre Dame Cathedral: 10 am – 12 pm & 02 pm – 05.30 pm

Entrance Fee: free of charge

Estimated length of stay: 10-20 Minutes

The Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxemburg is known to be one of the best attractions in Luxembourg City. Especially for friends of the Renaissance, Gotic, and Barock Style, this cathedral will be a great place to visit.

A visit to the Cathedral is even worth it if you are not religious. The details of the interior are just mesmerizing and from the outside, the Note-Dame is impressive with its characteristic size.

note dame, Luxembourg, inside, church

The constructions of this significant building have started back in 1613. Until 1870, this edifice was actually considered a church. Later, it was acknowledged a cathedral and expanded between 1935 and 1938.

Casemates du Bock – The Bock Casemates

Casemates du Bock, Luxembourg, View

Opening Hours Casemates du Bock: 10 am – 05.30 pm

Entrance Fee: 6€

Estimated length of stay: 40 Minutes

The Bock Casemates of Luxembourg City are underground passages, that are located within rocks. They have been built for the purpose of defending Luxembourg in the 17th Century.

The Casemates offer an interesting insight into the antique tunnel system of the city and teach you about the history of Luxembourg in an entertaining kind of way. The walk through these underground tunnels can be quite exhausting because there are many steps. If you are suffering from walking problems or Claustrophobia this is probably not the attraction for you to enjoy.

The first casemates have been built here already in 1644 under Spanish domination. They have been extended during the following years.

While still being used the Casemates du Bock had a length of up to 23 km (14,3 Miles) and ran up to 40 m (131 feet) deep into the rock. Due to this fortress and the tunnels, Luxembourg used to be known as the Gibraltar of the North.

Nowadays, the Bock Casemates are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Luxembourg and attract around 100.000 people per year to visit. Since 1994 the Casemates of Luxembourg are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Place de la Constitution

Place de la Constituation, Luxembourg, Independence statue

Even though the square itself is not quite beautiful (it is surrounded by a car parking), you have a great view from here.

One the one hand, you can have a great view from here of the surrounding parts of Luxembourg, on the other hand, the golden statue in the middle of the Place de la Constitution is worth a view as well. It represents the independence of Luxembourg.

If you choose to join a city tour, most probably it will start from this square.

Place Guillaume II

Place Guillaume II, Wilhelm II

Place Guillaume II is the main square of Luxembourg City and shouldn’t be missing on any City Tour. Here, you can find some relaxation after long walks through the old town of Luxembourg City. Many terraces and restaurants invite you to sit down and enjoy a refreshing Luxembourgish beer or wine.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you can find here the market of Luxembourg City. During Christmas time, there even is an Ice Skating rink.

Furthermore, the town hall and the Tourist Information are located on Place Guillaume II. By the way, this square is connected with d’Armes through a passage.

Another attraction here is the rider statue of Guillaume II.

Place d’Armes

Similar to the Place Guillaume II, the Place d’Armes offers much space to sit down in restaurants and terraces as well.

The restaurants and bars on this square are in the more pricey price range, though.

Anyway, this square which is well-visited in all weathers is great to have a walk.


Luxembourg, Grund, Traditional area

Grund is the traditional area of Luxembourg City and can be included in every walk through the city.

Here, you can find beautiful architecture and have a peaceful and romantic walk. If you don’t have much time you can have a look at Grund from above as well.

Hop-on Hop-Off Tour in Luxembourg

Another option to discover Luxembourg is to take one of the Hop-on Hop-off Busses in Luxembourg that will bring you to all important sights around the city. For more information, tickets, and prices click here.

Day Trips from Luxembourg City – Attractions in Luxembourg Country – 2 Days in Luxembourg

2. Chateau de Vianden – Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg, Snow

Opening Hours Vianden Castle: 10 am – 04 pm (November – March)/ 05 pm (March & October) / 06 pm (April – September)

Entrance Fee: 7€

How to get to Vianden, Luxembourg: From the Central Station, Luxembourg you can take the train RB 3500 to Diekirch, Gare. From there take the Bus 570 (Direction: Stolzembourg, Akescht) to Vianden, Bréck.

Vianden (also called Veianden) is a municipality and main town in the canton of the same name. It is famous for its impressive castle that you can find on a hill-top.

We can just highly recommend a visit to the Chateau de Vianden (French for: Vianden Castle). Many exhibits allow an insight into the antique life of this castle. From the castle, you have an amazing view of the surrounding town and nature.

vianden castle, hall, knight armour, luxembourg

In the entrance hall, you can find information about the shown knight’s armors. Unfortunately, that information is only given in German and French. However, in the rest of the museum, you will also find the information displayed in English.

Vianden Castle, Snow, fun

The construction of this facility has already begun between 360-450. Unbelievable, right? Anyway, over time, the castle has been renewed, again and again, and adapted to different epochs. You can find a lot of information about that inside of the castle.

The castle of Vianden has been ruled by different houses and grand dukes until it was nationalized in 1977. After extensive renovations (there are still parts of the castle being renewed) this impressive Chateau, which is known to be one of the biggest remaining castles in the West of the Rhine, has opened its doors for the public.

Are you looking for more castles in Benelux? How about the Gravensteen castle in Ghent?

3. Clervaux/ Clerf

Entrance Exhibition The Family of Man: 7€

Opening Times Exhibition The Family of Man: Wednesday – Sunday: 12 pm – 06 pm (02.01. – 01.03. closed)

Entrance Fee Monastery and Parish Church: free of charge

How to get to Clervaux: From the Central Station, Luxembourg you can take the train RB 3500 to Diekirch, Gare. From here, you can take the Bus 840 (Direction: Troine, Duerf) to Clervaux, Place de la Libération.

Clervaux Castle

Clervaux Castle, Chateau, Luxembourg

The Clervaux Castle (Also called Chateau de Clervaux (French) was built in the 12th century. Today, you can still find it in the small town of Clervaux.

In the course of time, this impressive building has been developed from a fortress to a castle and is under monumental protection since 1935. In World War II, the Clervaux Castle burned out completely after being attacked by German troops. Anyway, after the end of the war, the castle has been rebuilt.

In the inside of the castle, you can find a castle-museum and the famous photo exhibition The Family of Man.

Family of man, exhibition, Clervaux, Castle

This exhibition has been created by Edward Steifen and already been displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1955. Since 2003, it even is on the list of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

We can highly recommend this photo exhibition for everyone being interested in photography. You will find photos displayed regarding different countries and topics, such as love, family, and birth.

Moreover, there are two more exhibitions in Clervaux Castle. One of them shows important Luxembourgish Castles true to scale.

The Abbey of St. Maurice and St. Maurus of Clervaux

Abbey of St. Maurice and St. Maurus, Clervaux, Monastery, Luxembourg

This monastery, that you can reach over a little hiking trail, is located a little bit above the town. The way there takes around 20 minutes.

From the outside, a look at this big monastery is absolutely worth it. Whereas, the inside didn’t really convince us. Here, you can find some kind of mini-exhibition about the lives of the monks living here.

Church Saints Cosmas and Damian

Church Saints Cosmas and damian, Clervaux, Luxembourg

Directly next to Clervaux Castle, you can find this extraordinary church. You can enter free of charge, but to be honest, from the outside, it is much more impressive.

This church has been built between 1910-1912 in a Roman style.

Chapelle Notre-Dame de Lorette

Chapelle notre dame de lorette, clervaux, Luxembourg

A little bit outside of the town center, right next to the train station, you can find the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Lorette. This chapel is not as impressive as the other important building of Clervaux but still worth a look. Especially, if you are leaving/coming from the train station you can pass by easily at this chapel that has been built in 1762.

4. Diekirch, Luxembourg

diekirch, city, donkey statue, shitting coins, luxembourg

Diekirch is a town inside of Luxembourg (Yes, there are more towns than just Luxembourg City). In good weather, it is nice to have a walk around the pedestrian zone. (Fun Fact: Diekirch is the first Luxembourgish City that had a pedestrian zone – 1977.)

The symbol of Diekirch is a donkey. That’s why you can find fountains with donkeys in the pedestrian zone. You can even move the donkeys that are decorating the fountain. For special events, they fill beer into the fountains.

diekirch pedestrian zone, donkey fountains, luxembourg

A visit to Diekirch is especially practical when you are planning to go to Clervaux or Vianden later, as from here, you can catch the buses going there.

By the way, the city got its name when Charlemagne (Charles the Great) let a church be built here to convert the Saxons to Christianity. The original name Diet-Kirch means People’s Church.


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