The best things to do in Tarragona, Spain -A perfect Tarragona Day Trip Itinerary

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Tarragona, Spain, is a beautiful Mediterranean city in Catalonia and is also known as the capital of the Costa Dorada. With its good connection and relative proximity, Tarragona can also be visited as a day trip from Barcelona. However, we recommend you take a little more time in the city than just a Tarragona Day trip to admire all the beautiful things to do in Tarragona.

Many of the attractions in Tarragona go back to ancient times when the city was still known as the crucial Roman settlement of Tarraco. Therefore, the old town of Tarragona is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in history. But this historic city also has a lot to offer everyone else. Tarragona’s beaches, for example, are considered some of the most beautiful on Costa Dorada.

In addition to its impressive Roman buildings and ruins, you can also discover specular architecture from the Middle Ages, modernist buildings, and excellent beaches in Tarragona. In this article, we want to check what to do in Tarragona, our comprehensive Tarragona Itinerary, how to get (from Barcelona) to Tarragona, transport, and everything else you should know for your Day trip to Tarragona.

Tarragona, Spain Facts

  • Since 128 BC known as the Roman city of Tarraco
  • In the Roman Empire capital of Hispania Citerior
  • Part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2000
  • One of the most important ports in the Mediterranean
  • Capital of the province of Tarragona and Comarca Tarragonés


Where to stay in Tarragona: Hotel Nuria (Great hotel with great value for money) or Pigal (popular budget option in the city center)

The most popular Activities & Tours in Tarragona

Roman Heritage – City tour

Tarragona Scavenger Hunt & Self-Guided Tour App

Tarragona Cathedral

PortAventura & Ferrari Land

Tarragona Half-Day Tour from Barcelona

Getting there: Make sure to check for the best flight deals on Flight comparisons like Skyscanner

Transport: Best walking or by car

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Tarragona Must-Have: Practical Spanish Travel Dictionary or Catalan Travel Dictionary

Where is Tarragona – Map

where is Tarragona, Spain
Source: Google Maps

Tarragona is located on the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, about 100 km south of Barcelona.

How to get to Tarragona

Whether you are visiting Tarragona as a day trip from Barcelona or staying in the city, here are the best Tarragona transportation options. From Barcelona, the easiest and fastest way is by train.

Getting (from Barcelona) to Tarragona by train

As one of the most important port cities in the country, Tarragona has good train connections to the main cities in the country. It’s particularly easy to get from Barcelona to Tarragona. Tarragona has two major train stations. The regional train station inside the city connects to major cities nearby, such as Barcelona, Reus, Lleida, and Valencia.

The high-speed train station, located just outside the city, also offers connections to more distant cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, and Seville.

Getting to Tarragona by Bus

While train tickets, especially at short notice, can sometimes be a little more expensive in Spain, you can take the long-distance bus to Tarragona. Popular bus companies such as Alsa, Eurolines, and Hife operate daily between Tarragona and other Spanish cities.

Getting to Tarragona by car

If you prefer to travel on your own or Tarragona is a part of your Spain itinerary, you can, of course, also drive to Tarragona. Tarragona can be easily reached via the motorway from the main cities nearby (Barcelona, Valencia, Lleida, and Madrid).

If you want to rent a car in Spain, we recommend .

Getting to Tarragona by plane

Those who travel to Tarragona from distant places or abroad can also travel by plane. The nearest airport is in Reus, just 7 km from Tarragona. Other nearby airports are Girona Airport and El Prat Airport in Barcelona.

As always, we recommend to find the best flight deals.

How to get around Tarragona – Transport

Tarragona Spain roofs of the city
View over Tarragona

By foot

The main sights of Tarragona’s city center can easily be reached on foot. This is not only the simplest but, of course, the cheapest option.

By bus

To visit the sights that are a little bit further away, e.g., the aqueduct, can easily be reached by city bus. The bus runs several times an hour. It is best to find out about the departure times on-site or on Google Maps.

Hop-on hop-off train

While hop-on-hop-off buses are a popular option in other cities to discover the city’s top attractions, a small tourist train takes you around Tarragona to get from one tourist attraction to another. However, the principle remains the same as with the tourist bus.

Tickets can either be purchased on-site at one of the tourist information offices or online in advance here.

The best things to do in Tarragona during a Tarragona Day Trip

The balcony to the Mediterranean – Balcó de Mediterrani

Balcony to the Mediterranean Sea, Tarragona, El Miracle Beach

From the city’s train station, the first sight on our list is within easy walking distance. In our eyes, the fantastic view you have from the balcony to the Mediterranean is the perfect start for a day in Tarragona.

Because from this vantage point, you can get a great first impression of Tarragona. Also, take a look at the city’s impressive amphitheater and El Miracle Beach. You can also discover the port from here, which is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean.

Fun fact: there is a legend that touching the iron railing will bring luck.

Amphitheater de Tarraco

the Tarraco amphitheater in Tarragona

Opening Hours Amphitheater: Tues – Fri: 09.30 am – 9 pm; Saturdays: 10 am – 9 pm; Sundays: 10 am – 3 pm; Closed Mondays (Winter: Tue – Fri: 09 am – 6:30 pm; Saturdays: 09:30 am – 6:30 pm; Sundays: 09:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Entrance Fee Amphitheater: 3,30 € single ticket/ 7,40 € entrance fee to all Roman attractions of Tarragona

The amphitheater is simply part of a visit to Tarragona. After all, it is probably the most extraordinary sight of the former Roman city. This impressive building, believed to have been built around 200 BC, was once able to accommodate around 15,000 guests.

It is believed that the amphitheater had been used for several centuries. Like other buildings of its kind, the arena was used for all types of events, such as Gladiatorial fights used. It became particularly famous as the place where some critical martyrs were burned due to their Christian beliefs. For this reason, a church was built here many years later. However, this was demolished again in the early 20th century to later reveal the amphitheater.

Roman Circus – Circo Romano de Tarraco & Torre de Pretorio

Entrance to Circo Romano in Tarragona
Entrance to the Roman Circus

Opening Hours Roman Circus: Tue – Fri: 09.30 am – 9 pm; Saturdays: 10 am – 9 pm; Sundays: 10 am – 3 pm; Closed Mondays// Winter: Tue – Fri: 09 am – 8 pm; Sat: 09.30 am – 8 pm; Sun: 09.30 am – 2.30 pm; Closed on Mondays.

Entrance Fee Roman Circus: 3,30 € single ticket/ 7,40 € entrance fee to all Roman attractions of Tarragona

The Tarragonas Roman Circus is the city’s former racecourse. In ancient times, up to 30,000 people had space here to watch the events. The unique thing about this Tarragona attraction is that the circus is considered one of the best-preserved in the Western World.

It is imposing to walk through the circus’s old tunnels and be aware of how massive this Roman race track must have been.

Torre de Pretorio, Praetorium, Tarragona
The ancient entrance to the tunnel system

A visit to the Praetorium (Torre del Pretorio) is also included in the admission price. This is an ancient tower connected to the ancient racecourse by underground tunnels. In the tower, you can get an overview of the various aspects of the circus and other important ancient sights of Tarragona through information boards (most of the panels also have information in English).

From the tower’s roof, you have a wonderful view of the city. A view of the sea over the amphitheater or of the impressive Tarragon Cathedral is particularly worthwhile.

Plaça del Rei

Placa del Rei Tarragona

Plaça del Rei is one of the city’s ancient squares. There used to be many decorated walls and lots of impressive statues. Today you can still take a look at the former circus from here.

Plaça del Pallol

Roman arch and building in Placa Pallol

Also, in this beautiful square, you can discover the remains of ancient buildings. It’s definitely impressive to walk through the classical arches and see the antique stones of the buildings.

Maqueta Tarraco

Miniature version of Tarraco

Opening Hours Maqueta Tarraco: Mon – Fri: 09 am – 9 pm; Sat: 10 am – 5:30 pm; Sun: 10 am – 1:30 pm

Entrance Fee Maqueta Tarraco: free of charge

There is a building directly on the Plaça del Pallol where you can discover a miniature view (Maqueta) of the ancient Roman city of Tarraco (as Tarragona was called during ancient times). We were impressed to see the structure and, above all, the proportions in which Tarraco was once built.

The City Wall – Passeig Arqueològic

City wall, archaeological route in Tarragona
The beautiful path along the old city wall

Opening Hours City Wall: Tue – Fri: 09.30 am – 9 pm; Saturdays: 10 am – 9 pm; Sundays: 10 am – 3 pm; Closed Mondays (Winter: Tue – Fri: 09 am – 6:30 pm; Saturdays: 09:30 am – 6:30 pm; Sundays: 09:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Entrance fee: 3,30 €* single ticket/ 7,40 € entrance to all Roman attractions Tarragona

Another attraction from Roman times is the ancient city wall. This impressive structure was once more than 3 km long and enclosed the Roman city of Tarraco. Today, more than 1 km of the imposing wall has been preserved. The wall itself is one of the oldest surviving Roman structures outside of Italy and is, therefore, a real highlight for those interested in history.

In this part of the city, you can walk along the city walls and get an idea of ​​what Tarragona used to look like in ancient times. But also some parts of the wall from the Middle Ages can be seen here. Indeed, it’s exciting to see how the architectural style of the wall has changed over the years.

But even those who are not really interested in architecture will love this walk. With flowers and trees along the way, the path invites you into an absolutely picturesque landscape.

Catedral de Tarragona

Cathedral in Tarragona, front view

Opening Hours Cathedral: Mon-Sat: 10 am – 8 pm (Opening hours may vary depending on the season. See the current opening hours here)

Entrance Fee Cathedral: 5 €

Tickets Cathedral: On-Site or online via GetYourGuide

Let’s talk about another essential sight in Tarragona. Unlike most of the things to see in Tarragona on this list, it’s a sight not dating back to the times of the Roman Empire: the cathedral of Tarragona. Once there was a mosque and previously a Roman temple, from which a few columns can still be found on the cathedral grounds.

Despite everything, the cathedral was built in the early Gothic style in the early 14th century. But the cathedral is not only a real highlight from the outside. The inside doesn’t have to hide, either. In addition to a beautiful monastery garden with its impressive statues, the Diocesan Museum, which is included in the admission price, is a popular attraction.

Provincial forum – Plaça del Fòrum

Placa del Forum, Roman ruins in Tarragona

The Provincial Forum is another square in the city that takes you back to times when the Romans were still walking through the streets of Tarragona. Because also, in this square, you can discover the ruins of ancient Roman buildings. Strictly speaking, the ruins can hardly be overlooked here because the old wall is right in the middle of the square.

Nowadays, this square is mainly used to enjoy a cool drink in one of the bar terraces.

Plaça dels Sedassos

Placa dels sedassos, Catalan street art

Are you interested in street art? Then you will love this square. On Plaça dels Sedassos, you will find a large building painted from top to bottom. The work of art comes from the artist Carles Arola and is typically Catalan.

This unique painting is definitely a real eye-catcher and worth a short stop for a photo.

Plaça de la Font

Placa de la Font, Tarragona, city hall

The Plaça de la Font is probably one of the most visited squares in the city. Hardly surprising because there are plenty of bars and restaurants here just waiting for your visit. So this is an excellent place for lunch or a little refreshment.

Moreover, this square is also home to the city’s town hall (Ayuntamiento de Tarragona).

Rambla Nova

Castellers Monument on Rambla Nova

Now you can follow the Rambla Nova towards the city center. Rambla Nova is probably the most important street in the city today. Much of Tarragona’s shops, markets, and stores are here, as is the Via T Tarragona shopping area.

The Castellers Monument is also located on this shopping street. The Castellers is a particular tradition in Catalonia, in which groups build human towers. This spectacle can be admired in the form of competitions or events all over Catalonia, especially in summer.

Mercado Central de Tarragona

Mercado Central de Tarragona
Here you can have a little snack, a drink, or lunch: Mercado Central

The perfect place for lunch or a little snack in between. Protected from the sun and a bit chilled, you can have lunch or some refreshments here. The Catalan architect Josep M. Pujol designed the central market building, and it was inaugurated in 1915. In addition to typical Catalan dishes, you will find a lot of fresh fish and seafood as well as international dishes.

Extra tip: We can highly recommend the fresh fish and noodle boxes from the Japanese stand. There are also vegetarian options.

Option: Aqüeducte de Les Ferreres – Devil’s Bridge

The Tarragona Aqueduct, Devil's Bridge

The Tarragona Aqueduct, also known as the Devil’s Bridge, is genuinely fascinating. Anyway, if you only spend a day in Tarragona, you might not be able to marvel at this spectacular building. This is because the aqueduct is not located directly in the city center but almost 4 km from the city gates. However, if, like us, you can walk quickly and walk long distances in one day, you can even incorporate the Ferreres Aqueduct into your day trip.

Like so many of the region’s ancient buildings, the aqueduct dates from the time of the Romans. The 217-long structure transported water from the Francolí river into the city.

A small forest path leads to the aqueduct, and it is truly impressive how it stands out in the middle of nature. You can even walk on the aqueduct and enjoy the view of the surrounding forest.

Extra tip: Be sure to bring something to drink, as there are no opportunities to buy anything here. There are picnic tables in the forest if you feel like bringing some food with you. There is a supermarket (Supercor Exprés) directly at the bus stop in Tarragona’s center, in case you want to buy something to snack on.

Bus Stop at the aqueduct
The bus stops directly on the street for both the outward and return-journey

How to get there: The easiest way to get there is by car via the N-240. Otherwise, the aqueduct can also be reached on foot (approx. 4 km away) or by bus (No. 5 or 85). The city bus stop is on Rambla Nova and is marked on the top of our interactive Tarragona map. There is a bus every 15 – 20 minutes. It will cost you € 1.20 per ride.

The bus stop at the aqueduct is on the expressway. Since the bus is a roundtrip bus, you get on at the same stop at which you got off previously. The outward journey takes just under 5 minutes, while the return journey takes around 20 minutes.

Local forum – Foro Romà

Local forum, Roman ruins in Tarragona

Opening hours: Tue – Sat: 09 am – 8.30 pm; Sun: 09 am – 2.30 pm; Closed Mondays

Entrance fee: 3,30 € single ticket/ 7,40 € entrance to all Roman attractions of Tarragona

In a typical Roman city, of course, a forum should not be missing. There was always something happening at the local forum, or forum of the colony, which was built around 30 BC. In addition to temples, important statues, and other premises, the basilica, in particular, was an important meeting point for the residents in times of the Roman Empire.

Even if the forum itself is no longer preserved in its entirety, you can see the remains of this once-so-important place to get an idea of what it must have looked like here. Above all, the remains of the vast columns let you see how impressive this place must once have been.

Teatro Romà de Tarragona

Roman theater, ruins, construction site

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 09 am – 2 pm; 5 pm – 8 pm; Closed Sundays

Entrance Fee: free of charge

In addition to the amphitheater, there is another Roman theater in Tarragona to admire: The Roman Theater. This also dates from ancient times but was severely damaged during the 20th century.

Despite everything, you can still clearly see the remains and structures of the ancient theater.

More time in Tarragona? – More things to see in Tarragona and the surrounding area

El Miracle beach in Tarragona, view
View on the El Miracle Beach in Tarragona

Beaches in Tarragona

If you visit Tarragona during the warm season, you should definitely plan one or more days for a beach visit. As the capital of Costa Dorada, Tarragona definitely has a lot to offer in terms of beaches. In addition to the city beach El Miracle, which we could already discover from the balcony to the Mediterranean, the family-friendly beach L’Arrabassada and the beaches of La Savinosa and Platja Llarga are the most popular beaches in the city.

A Day Trip to Barcelona

If you stay in Tarragona for a long time, you should not miss my beautiful hometown Barcelona. Whether you want to spend several days or just one day in Barcelona is, of course entirely up to you.

In any case, you should visit Gaudí’s masterpieces, especially Sagrada Família, and enjoy the exuberant atmosphere of the Catalan capital.

PortAventura World

This day trip from Tarragona is a must for all fans of amusement parks. PortAventura World is considered one of the most important parks in the whole country. With a total of 3 theme parks, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer to visit Ferrari Land, the Caribe Aquatic water park, or the conventional amusement park PortAventura Park is entirely up to you.

PortAventura World theme parks are just a short car/train ride from Tarragona and can, therefore, be reached quickly and easily.

More Day Trips in Catalonia

Catalonia is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and I am so happy to call this Spanish region my home. You can choose from so many beautiful places to visit in Catalonia.

Whether it’s a beach excursion, culture, medieval architecture, modernist buildings, spectacular nature, hiking in the mountains, or a party excursion, you will find the perfect place to visit in Catalonia. Be sure to take a look at these great destinations in Catalonia. But be aware that choosing a destination will probably not be that easy – there are simply too many beautiful places in the region.

Where to stay in Tarragona

Tarragona is a perfect day trip from Barcelona. However, if you have more time, we recommend staying in this great city a little longer. Since a wonderful stay naturally also includes excellent accommodation, here you will find our three favorites divided by budget.

Best budget accommodation in Tarragona


Distance from the beach: 450 Meters

Distance from city center: 0,1 km

Rooms of different sizes and furnishing features with garden views in the center of Tarragona.

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Best mid-range accommodation in Tarragona


Distance from the beach: 200 meters

Distance from city center: 1.2 km

3-star accommodation; Double rooms with city or pool view, triple rooms, quadruple rooms, or family rooms

Click here to check more information, availability, and prices of this place

Best luxury accommodation in Tarragona

H10 Imperial Tarraco 4* Sup

Distance from the beach: 200 meters

Distance from city center: In the city center, right by the amphitheater

4-star accommodation; Double room, double room with sea view, double room deluxe, junior suite

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FAQ about traveling to Tarragona

Visiting Tarragona without a guide?

You can easily visit Tarragona on your own, as a day trip, and as the leading destination. The city is very pedestrian.

Is Tarragona part of Catalonia?

Similar to Barcelona and Girona, Tarragona is also a city in Catalonia. This means that Spanish and Catalan are both spoken here.

Visiting Tarragona or Sitges?

The two Catalan cities of Tarragona and Sitges are very different. Tarragona is a big city with Roman remains, while Sitges is a small quiet coastal town.

How far is Tarragona from Barcelona?

The coastal city of Tarragona is located about 100 km south of the Catalan capital Barcelona.

What are the beaches of Tarragona like?

The city and region of Tarragona offer diverse and great beaches, from quiet little coves to the well-visited city beach with bars; you will find everything.

Is Tarragona beautiful?

Tarragona is a beautiful city. From Roman relics, modernist architecture, and medieval buildings to idyllic beaches.

What language is spoken in Tarragona?

In Tarragona, both Catalan and Spanish are considered official languages. Therefore, both languages are spoken equally.

What is your favorite place to visit in Tarragona? Or maybe you even have an insider tip for us? Let us know in the comments below!


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