Rupit, Catalonia – A perfect Day trip from Barcelona

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Rupit is a lovely village in the Spanish Pyrenees and belongs to the county of Osana, in the subregion Collsacabra and the Municipality of Rupit i Pruit. You will find mostly local tourists here but there are also more and more foreign tourists attracted by Rupit.

Rupit is perfect for a day trip from Barcelona (It’s located around 98 km from Barcelona) In the tranquility and calmness of Rupit Spain, you can absolutely relax from the busy city life of the near Catalan capital.

Rupit Facts

  • 822 Meter above sea level
  • Since 1977 Rupit and Pruit are united as one Municipality
  • The little river flowing through Rupit is called Rupit River
  • Just 277 inhabitants (2016)
  • The name Rupit comes from the Latin Word for Rock: Rupes

Our Rupit Video

Weather Rupit

Rupit, Catalonia I Narrow medieval street I Stone houses I Balcony with Catalonia Flag

Since Rupit is located in the Spanish Pyrenees, thus not directly at the coast, such as e.g. Barcelona, the temperature in Rupit, Spain usually is quite colder than in Barcelona. In Winter, it can even snow here. Anyway, normally the snow doesn’t stay on the ground (for long)

How to get from Barcelona to Rupit

Duration: Train: ca. 2 1/2 Hours; Car: ca. 1 1/2 Hours

Take the R3-train from Barcelona (Sants) to Vic. From here, catch the Bus 462 up tp Pl. Nova de l’Era. (Direction with the same name)

Another option is to rent a car and drive yourself. The way is mostly highway and therefore quite easy. Just from Vic to Rupit it gets way curvier.

Things to see in Rupit, Catalonia

stonehouses from 16th and 17th century, rupit, spain

Stone houses from the 16th and 17th century

Stone houses from the 17th century, rupit, catalonia, bridge

If you take a walk through the old antique streets of Rupit, you will realize that many houses here are several hundreds of years old. Some of the houses were built in the 16th and 17th Centuries. These medieval houses are contributing as well to the relaxed atmosphere of this little village. And it’s surprising how well those houses are still maintained.

Puente Colgante de Rupit

Bridge in Rupit, Spain, couple

For me, one of the highlights of the Catalan village Rupit is its suspension bridge Puente Colgante de Rupit. It connects two different parts of the village with each other and guides you over the little river Riera de Rupit.

Depending on how many people are on the bridge, it can get a little bit shaky. Anyway, due to security and space-related reasons, only 10 people can walk on the bridge at the same time.

Even though it might be small, for us, it is one of the best suspension bridges in Spain.

Església de Santa Magdalena

Church Madgalena, Rupit, Catalonia, Spain

The Santa Magdalena church is located a right next to the village. From here, you have an amazing view of Rupit and its surrounding nature.

Nature in Rupit, Spain, stone houses

To get here, you can follow a little footpath for about 5 minutes.

The church itself has been built in the 17th century, like many other buildings in Rupit and has been dedicated to the holy Magdalena. (As you can already guess by the name 😉 ) In 1973, the church has been renovated.

View on Rupit, Spain, from church

While we enjoyed this wonderful view, we let our drone Sparki fly a little bit around to take some great landscape pictures and videos of this beautiful medieval village from above. But just have a look at our video at the beginning of this post.

Iglesia de Sant Miquel

Church in Rupit, Catalonia, stone houses

The Sant Miquel Church is located more or less in the center of Rupit. I guess you can’t miss it when having a walk through the medieval village.

Even though the church might seem quite plain from the outside, the inside is surprisingly impressive.

Salt de Sallent

Best Time to visit: Beginning of spring, Fall (After heavy rains)

If you follow the river Riera de Rupit for about 30 minutes on a little hiking trail, you will find the waterfall Salt de Sallent, in which the water falls down from around 100 meters. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain.

Anyway, in Catalonia is also another waterfall with the same name, so don’t get lost 😉

Walks & Hikes

Walks in Rupit, Spain, stone houses

Rupit is just perfect for a nice romantic walk for two, alone or with your whole family. You can take a relaxing walk through the village and explore beautiful places behind every corner.

Hiking, nature in Rupit, Catalonia

Moreover, you can find some hiking trails from Rupit through the surrounding Catalan nature. It’s therefore worth it coming to Rupit for a hike, as well.

Rupit by night I medieval village I light I dark

Even after the sun has set and most tourists are already gone, Rupit is inviting for another walk.

What food should you try in Rupit?


pastries in Rupit I XXL-Croissant and Coca I Backery Catalonia

Rupit is popular for its bakeries in which you can by Coca (A typical Catalan pastry) and XXL-Croissants.

If you are in Rupit, you shouldn’t miss your chance to try these great delicacies.


Catalonia is famous for its Fuet. Fuet is a dry meat sausage and just amazingly delicious. Since I am living in Catalonia, I eat it way too much. Fuet actually comes from the region around Vic and therefore, the Fuet you can buy in Rupit is also extremely good.

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